Review: MT-Card for Nintendo 3DS

16 May, 2014 4

3DS flash cards market is evolving very quickly and numerous products have appeared recently. The friends from OZ3DS have sent us a sample of its 3DS flash card solution. This product allows you to run 3DS backups on your Nintendo 3DS.   [Read More]

PlayStation 4: Balanced or unbalanced?

1 October, 2013 34

Recently we have heard a lot the word “balance” in the videogame industry. We were the first ones to bring the term with our unveil of ORBIS (PlayStation 4) specs. Later, Mark Cerny talked about our information regarding the balance [Read More]

PlayStation 4 Audio Processor (ACP)

25 September, 2013 5

Mark Cerny confirmed in an interview that PlayStation 4 uses hardware expressly dedicated to audio tasks. What are the capabilities of this hardware? What is Sony telling to developers about it? Here we have some material from Sony’s presentations where you can [Read More]

PlayStation 4 includes hUMA technology

27 August, 2013 31

There has been a lot of controversy about this matter in the last days, but we will try to clarify that Playstation 4 supports hUMA technology or at least it implements a first revision of it. We have to remember [Read More]

Videogames and media, manipulated information?

26 June, 2013 0

Games are an important market, in this context important means money. This business produces every year higher profits than the cinema and the music market together. We are speaking about huge sums of green notes; therefore, we have to assume [Read More]

Xbox One (Durango) XDK

19 March, 2013 213

We spe a lot about Xbox One (Durango) hardware specs but, how about the software? In this article we will try to show you the most important parts of Xbox One (Durango) XDK. Durango XDK has 3 main executables amongst [Read More]

Final Fantasy XV will be exclusive on PS4

19 March, 2013 146

Square-Enix has had problems in the current gen, I suspect that the company couldn’t adapt Final Fantasy and other IPs to the HD era. Moreover, the first version of FF14 was a downfall, this game forced to stop the development [Read More]

Xbox One (Durango) Memory System Overview

13 March, 2013 89

We have read multiples replies and discussions around Xbox One (Durango)’s memory system throughout the internet, due to we would like to this information with all of you. In this article we expose the different types of memories that [Read More]

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