Assassin’s Creed Unity gameplay and info about missions leaked

Ubisoft have a leaker in their crew. Apparently, a beta tester has shared with the community some info about Unity, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed for the glossy new gen. I don’t blame him, these positions use to be temporary, and so, his time there has an ending crossed out in the calendar (just a joke).

Assassin’s Creed Unity leaked gameplay

This bald gameplay shows a type of mission called Rift. The player has to register the map and grab some specific fragments in order to unlock new missions and items.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: special missions (Warning: Spoiler Alert)

Unity could hide a tasty secret. Ubisoft would have design a number of special missions, each mission would be set in a different place and could be linked with Abstergo and other characters from other chapters in the Ubisoft’s license. Take a look (under your own risk):





Thanks, FanBoyFeed.

  • Like always, boring as hell

    • Larxene howar

      like always awesome as hell

      • AWESOME! Let’s collect feathers again!!!

    • Josef Ouano

      LoL, Stepping on turtles and headbutting stone blocks, are not boring? You must live in a stupid world!!!!!

      • Started a discussion with LOL = 7yo.
        Oh, and btw, my comment is about AC. Yeah, the leaked video above, if you didn’t notice. There’s nothing with Mario, ok? Thats just my avatar. I think you know what a avatar is, do you?

      • Dead.Juice

        I don’t agree with him that AC is boring. I find the series absolutely thrilling. He can think what he wants.
        But also, stepping on turtles and headbutting stone blocks is tons of fun. Mario game are well made games, this is an undeniable fact. Lazily incorporating ridiculous sounding elements from a game that is actually good, does not a retort make. How dare you.

  • Vahrsk

    Looks very boring and unnecessary. When I first saw the picture of the missions, I thought they would be side missions where we would play as the assassin in the picture and learn more about them in the time period they lived in, but of course, it’s some tedious minigame. I realize individual missions with different playable assassins, unique settings and cutscenes is a lot to expect, but that’s the extra mile Ubisoft NEEDS to go if they want to impress and satisfy their fans. I’m a very loyal fan myself, but I’m not a stupid one. Step your game up Ubisoft, literally.

  • zacon4321

    Glitch image