Destiny Alpha gameplay leaked. PS4 and PS3 users could get 4 days of exclusive access to the Beta [Updated E3 Info]

[UPDATE] Sony has just announced at E3 2014 that a Destiny alpha test will run from this Thursday through Monday on PlayStation 4.

Furthermore, the company has also announced a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 exclusive Destiny beta that will begin on July 17.

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Some Destiny Alpha gameplay has been leaked by Dailymotion user Fran78888.

Unfortunately, the original videos were quickly taken down, but new streaming are quickly appearing all over the Internet. We will attempt to update the page regularly if the new ones are also deleted.

In any case, you can download the videos here:

The videos show about twenty minutes of gameplay, quite action moments and give a good peek on the character menu.

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Furthermore, according to an image of a website ad captured by Reddit user Probably_Unemployed -DattoDoesDestiny-, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users will get four days of exclusive access to the Destiny Beta.


We already knew that Activision and Sony signed an exclusivity deal. It looks like it will only last for 4 days.

By the way, Bungie announced that Destiny beta would commence sometime in July, with a specific launch date to be mentioned at E3 2014.

Via | NeoGaf & MP1st