E3 Rumors: Microsoft has secured one big 3rd party title. Uncharted 4 looks 'stupidly good'


E3 2014 is coming closer and, consequently, the frequency of rumors gradually increases.

Thanks to Ahsan Rasheed –@thuway-, a reliable industry insider, today we have known that Microsoft has managed to secure a big third party exclusive for Xbox One.

We don’t have more details on this, but MS already secured other third party titles in the past like Dead Rising 3, Ryse or Sunset Overdrive.

Regarding Uncharted 4, thuway literally says that the game “looks amazing, incredible, stupidly good.” Unfortunately, he couldn’t get any information about any possible cuts after the departure of Amy Hennig and Todd Stashwick.

Lastly, thuway predicts two bombshells at Microsoft’s conference and one at Sony’s:

Personally, I’m really interested to see what the bombshells predicted by thuway are and which third party exclusive has MS secured.

Stay tuned.

Via | @thuway & WorldsFactory

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  • Jon Jun

    “Technically, the other bombshells have been announced. Xbox One $399, Halo Guardians + Halo Journey. They got two others.” – Thuway

    Crysis 4.

    • 13attle

      Trying to promote cyrsis 4 would be an incredibly wrong decision.

      It’ll just bog them down, seeing that it’ll just look better on the other platforms.

      Besides, Crytek are talented engineers but abysmal game developers. Their game’s aren’t good as much as they as just a graphical show case for their newer engines.

  • Tim Dog

    im a beast