Guerrilla Games new IP: probable concept arts leaked


Guerrilla Games has been working on this new IP more of two years, even the study confirmed this project indirectly through a job offer. Moreover, it transcended this game would be very different to Killzone.

Apparently it’s a RPG inspired in some way by The Witcher saga (ambitious, scope).

Some concept arts have emerged upon this new Guerrilla’s IP today. There is not any confirmation yet about the origin of these screens, but likely belongs to this new game. Before to post the screens, some voices claim these artworks do not represent the final aspect, but Guerrilla would have started their work hence the style of these screens.

The art is stunning. It’s a mix between the medieval age and the far west with a glint of a futuristic era among other sparks (the samurai masks are marvelous).

Shinobi602 deserves some credit for his latest leaks. This time around he has marked some points upon this new IP:

Yes, you have read correctly: red headed female protagonist. Thanks, Guerrilla!

Via | Neo-GAF.

  • solkeher

    So it’s like Destiny then?? That looks a lot like Destiny… and inspired by the Witcher? Sounds promising.

  • MrSec84 .

    Very interesting, if this is any indication of the game’s style I’m very interested.
    The combination of elements is very unique.

    Even if this is nothing like Guerrilla’s game then I’m still interested to see what they’re up to.
    Hopefully we’ll see at E3.

  • italodance

    Hope to see it on Vita as well.

  • Silverwolf07

    Cool I’m hoping for a bad ass character in some badass armor rather. I’m alright with it being a female. Hopefully she can rival Samus and MC. With that being said Robot Dino’s is a Win for me.