Guerrilla Cambridge produced one of the best PS Vita games in my opinion and maybe the best Killzone campaign ever.

The studio is looking for a Senior Environment Artist, this new piece in the gear will contribute through his/her skills to improve the quality of the game that Guerrilla Cambridge is currently making for PS4.

Job offer:


Your portfolio should:

– Demonstrate both hard and soft surface 3D modelling techniques.
– Demonstrate PS3/PS4 quality texturing (diffuse, normal and specular maps).
– Demonstrate the ability to UV complex objects efficiently.
– Demonstrate your ability to create multiple complex environments, interior and exterior.
– Demonstrate the ability to recreate multiple architectural styles.
– Show at least one environment demonstrating strong creative vision, an eye for detail, composition and visual story telling.
– Demonstrate at least one environment created within strict performance budgets.

It would also be beneficial if your portfolio:

– Contains 2D environment concept paints or sketches.


We’re interested in hearing from you if:

– You are able to work within a predefined art style as part of a multidisciplinary team.
– You are able to deliver work to a very high level of quality within fixed time constraints.
– You show enthusiasm, drive and the ability to learn new processes.
– You are able to balance technical, gameplay and artistic constraints, and are able to work collaboratively on reaching a solution between disciplines.
– You are able work with a high level of autonomy but are also comfortable working with feedback and take direction effectively.
– You can apply lateral thinking to find innovative creative solutions.
– You are able to present, discuss and critique your own work as well as that of others within the team, providing sensitive, yet effective feedback and direction.
– You can draw inspiration from a variety of sources outside of games.
– You have development experience on multiple shipped games.
– You have development experience on recent AAA console games.
– You have a thorough working knowledge of modern shader models.
– You have a broad knowledge of current and past video game environments.
– You have an interest in videogames.
– You can demonstrate high proficiency in the use of Photoshop.

It would be beneficial but not required if:

– You are an experienced Maya user.
– You show high proficiency in the use of zBrush or Mudbox.
– You have scripting experience in Mel or Python.

They demand an artist with an ample experience in the field.

One question remains, what game could be working on?

Thanks, DualShockers.