Leak: The Witcher 3 Xbox One gameplay


Although The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be officially released in just 9 days, it seems that some retailers broke the official release date for the game in United Arab Emirates and, for this reason, we are witnessing a constant leak of gameplay videos.

This time, we are able to see two gameplay videos from the Xbox One version of The Witcher 3. However, these videos are 720p, while the game will finally run at 900p on Microsoft’s console. Still, it looks gorgeous.

Judge for yourselves:

  • JD

    It looks so good I’ve spent the whole day learning Arabic so I can read the menus when the game comes out. So excited! Or should I say, متحمس جدا

  • Thala Thal

    Downgraded as fuk, console shit. Fuking CD Projeckt went for console money. I hope u go bankrupt

    • Swordslash

      I feel sorry for you and your absolutely pathetic mentality. And to think why media considers gamers as failures and social rejects… Gaming communtiy has honestly become toxic beyond measure especially the PC community.

      Its pathetic cunts like you that ruin gaming for a lot of us. Have fun being a loner.

      • Thala Thal

        Console boy, brainwashed, birds, plants in 2D, GG

        • Swordslash

          Have fun being a failure who believes that life revolves around video games 🙂

          • Thala Thal

            This article its about W3 not Real Life. And what are u doing here ? U are comment to a topic just like me

          • Maynard_VGL

            Please, guys, relax. We all know how to speak being respectful with the other users 😉

    • IdiotStopper

      You’re stupid as fuck, the game wasn’t downgraded at all, and this gameplay is only at 720p as well.

      • Thala Thal

        Console boy, brainwashed, eat what a company gives u and obey

    • kfc902

      One of the only Companies that believe you should get DLC free of charge and you which they go bankrupt. Its true what they say you cant please everybody

      • Thala Thal

        beards, and diferent color for gear its not DLC, lol. 2-5 MB DLC ya right

    • kinzey

      Wait, are you judging PC graphics by looking at console graphics?

    • Kelsey Bennett

      Grow up you simpleton moron….. Blaming consoles which in fact will still look great on a good rig. I own all consoles and a gaming PC all of it still looks good on consoles you damn fool. It’s cancer cunts like you that make the rest of us gamers look bad. Hoping a company go bankrupt over this fucking idiot. Let’s see how funny it is when it happens to you clown!

  • Swordslash

    Looks amazing on Xbox One and I compared it to the PC and boy it holds up beautifully on all platforms 🙂 Just slightly more pop in and smaller jaggies here and there on XONE but don’t notice anything else that is striking… And whats that?

    Oh wait an army of fat depressed cave dwelling failures are marching on my way ready to bash me with their keyboard swords. Sad how cancerous some gamers can be though.

    Keep that fanboy behavior up and you’ll remain a single loner for the rest of your lives 🙂

    • James Dalton

      You’re my hero lol. But seriously I’m relieved as an Xbox one player. The game looks beautiful. 🙂

      • Swordslash

        Good gamers always deserve the best.

        • Kenny

          But we get boob physics on PC no?

  • CCM

    This game will be great regardless of the platform you choose. Sure if you spend the money on a higher-end PC you’re going to get the best visual performance, but it still looks gorgeous on the PS4 and XB1! I’m likely going for the PS4 as I don’t have a gaming PC. Unless the XB1 version proves to have a smoother frame rate then I may consider it even though it’s slightly lower res.

  • Roby599

    Looks freakin’ gorgeous on the X1. I hope my GTX 760 will run this with a decent framerate on decent setting in 1080p. If not I might consider getting the console version. Still, rather play on PC, since it keeps my savegames from the Witcher 2.

  • HipHop1977

    PS4 for me