Leak: Turok 2 Concept Art, Renders and more

Turok (2008) is a FPS video game based on Acclaim’s comic series under the same name, developed by Propaganda Games and published and distributed by Disney Entertainment.

Disney never officially announced a sequel to the game, but we know that Propaganda was working in Turok 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360 although, unfortunately, the game was cancelled due to many layoffs at Propaganda.

Renders, concept art and a little clip have been leaked so, at least, now we can see some stuff from the game. Take a look:


qtUyfqb SPRNsS5 sQoj0cS v69TQiS yl4GJgp 6KEU1Du 6SXVEjh 1379314937-desert-garb 1379314939-big-gun 1379314939-turok-2 1379315324-ship-dock 1379315325-derelict-ship 1379315872-swamp-scout 1379315873-eel-fight 1379315873-sabertooth 1pedrwy 1379315874-swamp-escape 1379316716-heavy-soldier 1379316717-blaze-orange 1379316717-light-trooper 1379316719-texturepaint 1379317241-large-vertical-structure 1379317243-dense-jungle 1379317243-dino-confrontation 1379317244-falls 1379317565-heavy-guy 1379317566-boneguy 1379317567-skinny-enemy 1379317667-rockbase 1379318018-orcy 1379318021-derelict-station 1379318021-grunt-masked 1379318021-palletes 1379318714-bronto-painting-lores 1379318715-waterfall-canyon 1379318716-junglescape 1379318716-old-growth 1379319050-beserker 1379319050-gross-gun 1379314937-stance-lowres 1379319050-levelmap-lowres-copy 1379319112-speedies azzlpg5 kvGDlj6 LF0y8Ko nQQoSJA

Thanks, NeoGaf & AllGamesBeta

  • Nick

    this looks so epic i wish it would come out