Microsoft Xbox Roadmap (2013) (Updated: Xbox Mini)


Update: We are going to update our previous information. We would like to clarify the Xbox Mini function for avoiding any misunderstood about the new machine (below).

Microsoft is working hard in its new strategy for the next years. The company wants to expand its Xbox brand with two new Xbox. One would be next-gen, the other one would be a new redesign for Xbox 360. Take in mind the Wii Mini, MS would like to offer something similar to Nintendo. This cheap model would be focused as a set top box product, although you will be able to load games too, but the games should be load directly from the HDD. This Xbox wouldn’t have disc drive.

We have received new information about the latest Xbox Roadmap. Our source unveils new details for Durango, Xbox mini and the Microsoft strategy; moreover we don’t forget Kinect 2.0.

Xbox Mini

The “Xbox Mini” is not a 360 add-on, it is a stand alone product that contains Xbox 360 functions for gaming, and alone it is meant to compete with Apple TV. Since it is likely it will not have a disc drive, it is being designed with “always online” in mind, and with internet being required for Live functions. Xbox 360 Games can be played on it by purchasing Games on Demand on Xbox Live (for new purchases) or if already purchased, simply download it. This also applies to music and movies. To further clarify, the Durango will also have these (TV) functions, just with next-genration gaming hardware instead of Xbox 360 at a higher price.

When used with Durango, it offers connectivity with it for backwards compatibility with both disc based and On Demand games, and it’s no more different than what Sony will be doing with Gaikai for playing PS3 games on PS4, only with Xbox it will be done locally and not through the cloud. You can control the Xbox Mini under a single interface and not have to worry about switching between devices in a single display input.

These connectivity functions cannot work with existing Xbox 360 units due to the difference in external interface. The Xbox Mini was designed for this along side Durango.

Microsoft expands its Xbox brand

Getting to the point there are going to be two console as part of the redesigned “Xbox Line” of products. A repackaged and reoriented Xbox 360 unit and the new “Durango” gaming console, both designed to compete with more than Sony in gaming, but against Apple as well.

When the Durango (game machine) launches, it will not support backwards compatibility for 360 games out of the box. Instead, this functionality will come from the other unit that will be networked with the Durango to provide this (not unlike the DVD add-on for the original Xbox).

The purpose of the smaller Xbox unit is to compete with Apple TV, but also provides XBLA and 360 game support which will give it an edge over Apple TV. The rumors of “always online required” comes from the smaller Xbox unit which may not have a disc drive and like Apple TV it would require a network connection and internet to provide any real functionality. It may be possible they will design both consoles to be stackable.

Durango itself will also always be online like any other device (correct with rumors), but it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent playing used games. Putting in an Xbox 360 disc into Durango will prompt the user to attach the supporting device that is sold separately. By separating the two devices and their functions it will ensure price competitiveness for both pieces of hardware. Microsoft’s delay in announcing these products from April goes more inline with not having a physical set of devices to show (among specification updates), which should be ready by May or June when this information is officially released.

The price goal of the smaller Xbox is $149 or lower and it is likely to not have a disc drive and would require a network connection. Durango will be priced competitively according to PS4’s price.

Kinect 2.0

A different department within Xbox handles Kinect hardware and software. The focus was more on developing and networking both consoles with Kinect more of an after thought at that point, considering dealing with it would be less of an issue even with hardware changes to the main console hardware. Kinect isn’t the primary focus.

The development kits required several pieces of hardware as to combine all “potential” hardware which may or may not be required to work with each other, which also includes the potential for any or all devices to required a network connection, which is where most of the “required” rumors are coming from.

  • Marcus Ryu

    Finally! The first bit of information (although unconfirmed) to show that NextBox may not need a constant internet and will not block used games. The explanation above seems plausible. Fingers crossed friends that this remains the case!

    • steven86205

      I still think it’ll always be connected, but they wouldn’t block used games

      • BigPoofyPants

        But, if it’s not DRM silliness, why would anyone care?

      • ryang85

        So sick of this used game bs. Stupid rumor. Do they plan on putting gamestop(leader in game sales and SYSTEM SALES) and gamefly out of business? What if I bought or borrowed a game from a friend? Then what???

      • Whats that noise? Oh all those people falling of their high horses 🙂

    • Usman Mohammad

      Always connected to me just meant a form of connected standby, similar to what the PS4 does, what the Wii does with WiiConnect24 and what the 3DS does with spotpass.

      Since Durango is using the Windows 8/blue kernel, it gets a lot of features from it and connected standby is what was introduced in NT kernel 6.2

      (Windows 8, connected standby in Windows 8 and RT on tablet devices running intel Atom and soon haswell, and ARM chips respectively, puts the device in a low power standby state which to the end user seem like the device is off (like when turn your phone screen off), windows then turns on the radio periodically to connect to an access point, be it 3g, lte or wifi, to gather data to update the live tiles. Sound familiar? Similar to what the PS4 does when in standby mode)

      So that’s a given.

      • John Nunez

        Pretty much exactly what I pictured when I first heard this “always online” rumor flying everywhere. Be a pretty nifty thing to have considering both consoles are trying to shoot for fast wakeup/power on times.

        • Usman Mohammad

          Make that three consoles, since the Wii U’s spring update is allowing it to download updates (unsure about installing) when the system is in standby mode.

          I didn’t expect the Wii U to, but I always expected the PS4 and Next Box to considering that current trends in technology are about being connected(as in socially and updates) when not using a device and being able to switch between apps very quickly.

          Loading times on current consoles is just too slow, I’ve never used the PS3 or Xbox 360 for Netflix, when my phone and laptop can do it much faster. Also using Smartglass on Xbox to load music or videos is painfully slow since the xbox has to load the app.

          Hopefully this is improved this coming generation.

          • John Nunez

            I agree. These consoles are just to slow, anything will be with 512MB RAM these days, to load most of these streaming apps. So excited for this next generation console hardware. Going to be hoping they go all in for background downloads and such.

    • eternallord

      indeed,cuz some people believed that rumors abt ALWAYS ONLINE are right
      and i b4 thought that there is a misunderstanding here,and ALWAYS ONLINE
      could be for the second model and i was right,CHEERS!

  • N2O1990

    omg vgleaks why you post a (seems) postive Durango news

  • Mik3t

    Whats that noise? Oh all those people falling of their high horses 🙂

    • Dex

      I’m not sure what you think the difference is between the device requiring an Always Online Connection to function or the specific games, it’s the same thing.
      And I will believe that they will “play used content” when I see it on either console. Not even SONY has stated this, the only thing they said was that *they* would not block it. This doesn’t preclude having a CD-Key system or similar in place should *publishers* want to use it and gradually pushing this on people.

      • Darrius

        If the individual games block offline use then I don’t have to buy those individual games. But if the console blocks offline use then I lose my entire game collection AND my investment in the console whenever my internet connection goes out. Moreover, I WILL lose them one day in the future when the console maker decides to shut down the servers for that game.

        • Nathan O

          I wouldn’t expect xbox live to shut down their servers anytime soon. And what if all AAA titles have a ‘always online’ DRM? Not interested in any of them?

          • damagon123

            Nope. In fact it’s one of the reasons people choose consoles over PC.

      • FlyingIrishMan

        Sony have stated it would play used games, do your research 😉

        • Nathan O

          Sony stated that ‘yes it can play used games’ but only after they made a big pot of word soup to address the controversy. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility if they charged you via PSN to ‘unlock’ a used game to be played on your console. So otherwise yes it ‘can’ play used games.

          • damagon123

            As long as it plays used games man… The rest is just pedantry

          • Nathan O

            I guess, but that still puts a damper on game rentals (if those exist anymore) and borrowing games from your friends or family.

          • If Sony charges X amount of dollars for activating used games, the used games will have to be sold accordingly. It will be a nuisance for the second hand buyer to re-activate the game, however, the customer will not be subjected to exactly X amount of loss, but something less than that (still a slight loss may incur, but the market should be able to balance it). So I agree with @damagon123:disqus that it is pedantry.

        • Jens-Thomas Steinhaug

          Sony said “used games should work on any hardware”. When pushed about the subject, they said its up to the publishers. Name ONE publisher that isnt blocking PC games?

          • Monkey

            If you look at the details so far, it indicates to me that yes the PS4 ‘can’ play used games, but it may not play ‘all’ used games.

            Sony have a patent that allows them to restrict the use of a game to a single console. This works with a writeable RFID tag on the discs (similar to Skylanders figures). If they put the hardware in the PS4 to write to the tag, then it ‘could’ be up to the publishers / devs as to whether they include the code in the game to lock it to a console.

            Therefore, the PS4 ‘can’ play used games (if the publisher wants to allow it) and Sony have kept companies like EA happy by giving them the choice, whilst also dodging the blame from the customers.

        • c

          are you stupid the guy said that sony wouldn’t block used games but the publishers of the game could make you use a code to unlock the game. soo if you don’t have a code then you would probably have to buy one for 10 bucks. a few games already do this with multiplayer

          • FlyingIrishMan

            This is already possible on PS3. Very few publishers utilize it.. stupid. 😉

        • Guest

          Sony will play “used” games, but there won’t be any backward compatibility. IF the leaks are true, the Xbox 720 (or whatever they call the Box or X8ox) will be completely backward compatible with 360 titles.

      • Mik3t

        Which part of this statement are you missing?

        “Durango itself will also always be online like any other device (correct with rumors), but it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent playing used games. ”

        I understand this information if probably annoying as itx now something you cant moan about

      • Derrick Opurum

        Even though they say they wouldn’t block used games, the tech to block used games is still within the PS4. They are leaving it up to the devs to block games. Considering the online pass fiasco we’re going through, there’s no doubt that the devs wouldn’t use this to their advantage.

        • Derrick Opurum


          • Former Microsoft Fan

            They can do online passes whether its in the system or not. That is Major developers screwing with you, not sony, not microsoft.

          • Derrick Opurum

            How does this change anything that I’ve already said?

    • Die

      Oh, about a bullshit nothing leak?

    • Funny how IGN and all of them aren’t reporting this at all but they’ll report on every other f****** rumor.

  • haxona

    I would like to see the guys who were raging on “Always-on and used games rumor” because apparently this is VGLeaks all over again.

  • Justin Oliver

    I’m confused is always online a function in the box or is it centered around always online like the rumors suggest. thats what i’m confused about.

    • Gregory Edcius

      So they trying to sell you 2 consoles?
      An xbox360 without cd drive and a new one.
      If i’m reading right you need the new 360 to use bc on the durango thats some bull shit .
      So if i buy durango and i sell my old xbox(still have a 20gig model) i have to buy a new one to play my old 360 games?
      That’s seriously a crap system the reason doesn’t matter no fucking way buying 2 new consoles to play my old and new games.
      Everybody who thinks this is great is crazy and a fanboy cause nobody can be happy to have a split system and having to pay twice to have functionality that was a standard in the past.

      • Justin Oliver

        From what i understand

        My understanding of the devices;

        XBOX360 Mini device
        – No disc drive, so it’s essentially useless as a standalone XBOX for gaming, but good for TV functionality alone
        – Requires an internet connection to function
        – Access to the XBL marketplace and whatnot (so it can play downloadable titles)
        – Will share some features of the Durango TV (IPTV) functionality (to combat Apple TV)
        – Required to play 360 games, when connected with the Durango, can NOT play 360 discs when not connected

        – The new ‘new’ XBOX
        – Plays Durango games etc, uses Kinect functionality
        – Will not play 360 games, you must hook up the Mini device once you insert a 360 disk to play (you put the 360 disc in the Durango disc tray, but it runs only when connected with the Mini)
        – Requires an internet connection for TV functionality
        – Plays used games
        – Plays offline games

        I don’t see much of an issue with this, but i imagine the price will be expensive to buy both which is where 500$ come from.

        • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

          If i take it correctly the Xbox Mini would offer backwards compatibility no matter what, Durango will be needed when you want to play your physical copies, the rest can be played of the storage in the Mini.

          Honestly… MS are really shooting 2 rabbits with 1 gun: they re-purpose the 360 and compete with AppleTV, at the same time they offer Backwards Compatibility for games you already own using a service that players used for the last 8 years and gigantic catalog of titles for the new “old” casual gamers. The question remains though: how good are they going to make the Multimedia in this AppleTV competitor. Though the 360 Apps have the potential to pull it off.

          I guess we have to wait and see, but its interesting to see diversification and branching out.

          • die

            Here’s the issue, many and most are not huge digital buyers. That means that their entire physical library, their collection, is worthless unless they pay extra. Digital has a long way to go before it will come close to physical copies, not to mention that of the three companies, Xbox is the worst about lowering the prices on their digital versions. Though Nintendo has them both beat there.

          • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

            Well we don’t know for sure MS’s plans, but i doubt 360 games (unless the biggest AAA titles) would cost more than $10-$15 when Durango is in the stores. Plus if they feel like it they might start to offer a digitalization of your collection.

          • die

            I don’t want a digital copy of my collection, i want my discs and I want to be able to use them. There’s a reason I have an nes and all my old games, there’s a reason I have a dreamcast. Digital collection does not equal a collection. Not to mention what happens in 15-20 years. I have my NES, I have my collection, i can play them as long as they make TVs, Live might not have my games or even in exist in the same state in that time.

          • die

            I’m a gamer born and bred, I’ve been playing video games since I could hold a controller. We have no idea what the state of the gaming industry will be 20 years from now. 20 years ago, I had no clue that Sony or Microsoft had any plans on the videogame market, all I knew was nintendo and sega, and look what happened.

          • Nathan O

            I assume you have an xbox 360 if you have a huge physical library. Why buy the mini? Oh and xbox has been having wicked sales on their digital content for the last 2 months or so.

          • Gregory Edcius

            We’ll for the first not everybody has room for 6 consoles beneath their tv and thats what you get without backwards compatibility.
            Second it doesn’t matter if their digital library went down in price what i already bought i’m not gonna buy again.
            I like my Borderlands G.O.T.Y. edition and i’m not gonna double dip to have it in digital form and having to pay for dlc again not even gonna mention my other titles with dlc

          • Gregory Edcius

            Thank you seems a lot of people are missing that not everybody buys digital and buying a durango stand alone makes my old discs absolete and having to buy a new 360 only to attach to the durango to be able to use bc is too much hassle too expensive and not very clever 360 days are over why bring a stripped box with same hardware if they wanna compete with apple tv ok but thats not a gameconsole to me

      • irta

        and with gaikai you have to re purchase your game collection if you want backward compatibility

        • FlyingIrishMan

          You don’t know that, not much information has been revealed about how the Gakai BC streaming will work.

          • Gary A.

            It won’t be free son, that fo’ sur’

          • FlyingIrishMan

            Most likely not, I didn’t say it would be though so no need for the condescending attitude.

          • Nathan O

            That’s because Sony doesn’t have a clue at this point.

          • Jsmart5633

            You know they won’t be free. If they are as low as $15 and you buy 10 games, you’re already at the the price of the smaller Xbox.

          • Gregory Edcius

            what does that matter if you have that xbox you can do nothing if you don’t buy digital games so you still have to spend money and the games are just as expensive

          • Jsmart5633

            Err, I’m talking about buying the 720 with the 360 mini. Then you can continue to use your current 360 games.

          • Gregory Edcius

            So… i still have to buy 2 new consoles to have BC and i still have to fill up the space beneath my tv with multiple devices.
            Thats the whole problem still having multiple devices while it could’ve been 1 if they did it right .
            Atm i have a 360 a ps3 and a wii u beneath my tv .
            Wii u replaced my wii the same should happen with my ps3 and 360 if they don’t offer BC out of the box it’s gonna take a long time before i buy one.
            Think about this when you buy a Blu ray player you want to be able to throw away your dvd player and play your old dvd’s on your Blu ray player not still have that old device fill up your space in the living room

        • JimmyDanger

          That’s all still a big IF. Sony have said “they’re looking into” the possibility of BC through Gaikai. No definites.
          They were also “looking into” being able to transfer your UMD game library to your PsP Vita somehow, they were “looking into” cross game chat working on ps3 – amongst their history of “looking into” things before flat out saying “we can’t do it”.
          When Sony say things like ” We are looking into the possibility of backwards compatibility through Gaikai on PS4″ – take that for what it is, and think of all they’ve failed to show, but said they were “looking into”.

          • die

            Funny how the company that is so bad about “looking into” things is the leader in innovation and technology.

          • Nathan O

            Sure doesn’t show in their products. Lets look at the PS4, we’re simplifying our console design like the rest of the world, we are adding more processors and more RAM. We have our own Kinect camera now and our game developers are going to develop more games. Please tell me where the innovation is?

        • Gregory Edcius

          I’m not a Sony fanboy so thats a moot point .
          I hate Gaikai just as much not gonna fucking pay again for shit i already own and same with Xbox not gonna fucking pay double for something that should be a standard and integrated

      • Thomper

        I would not
        consider myself a “fanboy” but like the idea of being able to buy a
        (I am assuming) cosmetically similar device that will sit alongside / on top of
        / underneath the new XBOX and will allow me to play my old XBOX games without having to switch machines or
        user interface.

        I will miss the
        look of my “Star Wars” XBOX though… I
        might just move that to another room, maybe?

        • Gregory Edcius

          I can understand what you mean my point with this is that in the past this wasn’t necessary and your new box would play your old games.
          From Xbox to 360 it didn’t matter that much cause Xbox didn’t have many titles and nothing memorable.
          This gen it’s different and i wanna be able to play my old forza and blue dragon and lost oddysee on my next console to name a few .
          It’s nice if you like to buy 2 boxes i’d rather buy 1

          • Thomper

            I just think, if you can afford the xbox-mini, it will likely compliment and maybe even physically attached to the new xbox, effectively creating one unit, with one interface that plays all the old 360 games. I think it’s a good option. Anyone who feels like they are being forced to buy both and are being ripped off need to just stick to having a 360 and Durango under their TV. It just won’t be as good…

          • Gregory Edcius

            It has nothing to do with affording but with the living room setup and just not wanting to pay for 2 seperate things that’s supposed to be 1 .
            If they fused it and set the price higher i would be more interested

          • Thomper

            If the “mini” exists, I think it will “fuse” together with the new Xbox. Othertwise, what’s the point? I still think it’s a good idea.

      • Nathan O

        No they are trying to sell you on or the other device. Hooking them together is just good PR so they can say it’s BC. If you have a 360 just buy the durango and play your old games on your old console. If you don’t have either but want a device to stream your movies and play some smaller casual games get the Xbox mini. If they can hit the 99$ price point it will do alright.

        • Gregory Edcius

          The problem with me is every generation i change my consoles beneath my tv .
          There are 3 consoles a Upc box my pc and some speakers .
          I don’t have the room for more stuff and it’ll look like a mess plus my girlfriend would get mad if i stuffed the living room with my game consoles.
          Thats why i think bc is important not 2 devices to do 1 thing but a simple all in one solution.
          Thats how it has always been in the past but now suddenly i have to buy 2 boxes for the same results.
          I’m honestly not amused by Sony’s gaikai i’m not gonna buy the same stuff digital again but i find it better than 2 boxes to do the same .
          The way things look now it’s gonna take a long time before i switch to next gen Sony and Microsoft consoles first gonna finish my last gen games and then i’ll look again

    • sounds like always on, as in, always powered and trying to connect to the Internets for instant updates and such.

      • Justin Oliver

        Yeah it’s still like xbox 360 online, which is good. The only one i need to avoid is mini unless i want to play old xbox 360 games. So all i need now is a good launch line up and i’m golden.

        • Gary A.

          like a shower

  • Darrius

    Let’s hope that Microsoft has realized that their trial balloon for required online has popped.

  • now we just need xbox to have some games worth mentioning and we are golden.

    • And not the usual copy and paste exclusives like Halo, Gears etc.

      • phrost

        The day Sony offers a better fps than HALO, maybe Xbox owners will switch. Until then, we’ll be quite happy with Durango.

        • Axe99

          I’ve got a 360, PS3 and PC – Halo’s good, and it’s top-tier, but it’s no better than Killzone or Resistance, it’s just more casual-friendly (than Killzone) and arcadey (ie, Killzone has a bit more depth, but through this depth turns off a broader audience). I won’t say that Sony has a game better than Halo (distinctions between top-tier games are usually one of taste rather than implementation), but it has a number of shooters at least as good as (I personally preferred Resistance’s single player campaign to that in Halo 3, for example, but both were great – even if Resistance’s was great for about twice as long ;)).

          • phrost

            I’m in the same boat, I have all three platforms. I’ve never played Resistance so I can’t judge, but Killzone 2 impressed me a lot. In terms of casualness, Halo is a great challenge in Legendary difficulty, likewise Killzone 2 was pretty tough. What marks them apart is the fact there were 4 great Halo titles on the 360(in my opinion), whereas Killzone 3 was short and disappointing. Halo also offers a huge community, larger than any exclusive fps on PS3.
            Bottom line, with this latest story contradicting the online only rumors, I see no reason to worry. Durango should be good for Xbox fans.

          • Axe99

            Aye, sorry – casual doesn’t mean easy, it’s more the style and nature of the game (CoD is a casual-friendly arcade shooter, but can be tough on Vet, depending on which one you go for – watch the grenade spam!). Agreed with the bottom line – I was getting a little worried about all the Xbox rumours – the last thing we want is to lose the competition that’s driven both sides to improve last gen by Microsoft kicking an own goal. I’m not sure about all this TV focus, but that the always-online thing is for that and not gaming suggests this won’t be the case, which is a good thing :).

            PS – you’re dead right about community size. On PSN, you’ve got a much broader range of games (and broader range of shooters – there’s no SOCOM or MAG on 360), so smaller communities in each, whereas on XBL it’s very much focussed on Halo and CoD, with Gears a respectable third, and the larger community is a good thing for comp gaming and the like. For more relaxed gaming, though, you really don’t need that large a community to have a good time (I’m still digging SOCOM 4 online, and the game tanked on release, and the community is pretty small).

          • Jameel Aboulhosn

            People who say this type of thing are insanely ignorant. PS3 does not have a broader range of games. I own both and I can tell you that both distinctly lack a good RPG presence of any sub-genre – because RPGs are dead. Both lack any good original shooters excluding BioShock. and are of course riddled with codbros who play CoD and BF.Both have the exact same fighting games on both PSN, XBL and on disc. Both have every single one of the same multi-plat games. PS3 and 360 both distinctly lack an original survival horror catalog – Alan Wake is about the closest you’ll get for 360 and on both systems, you’ve got the shitty rehashes of RE and SH. Really the only game difference is LBP, Infamous (which is just a mashup of PoP and AC and other platformers anyway combined with GTA) and then on PS3 you have a couple of movies (MGS4 and Heavy Rain) and a couple more hack and slash (6 God of War games). Other than that you have Uncharted, which no one cares about – only the 2nd one is really good. The consoles do not differ at all in variety. Anyone who says that is completely ignorant and retarded. I suggest you own both systems and spend a LOT of time in the game stores before commenting further.

          • Axe99

            I do own both systems lad – and if you think SOCOM and MAG are just the same ‘ole CoD/BF experience, you mustn’t have got past the menu screen ;). Similarly, if you think Forza is a sim style racer, you’ve clearly never watched motorsport (Forza is an exceptional racing game, but it’s a piss-poor sim – GT5 is an exception sim, but a mediocre game, lol). I agree that RPGs are neither here nor there (both have a few exclusives, I’d call it a draw between them here), but there’s nothing like Motorstorm or GT on Xbox, there’s nothing like SOCOM, MAG, Warhawk or Starhawk, and even Killzone is a materially different experience to the Halo/CoD/BF experience.

            It is the case that the 360 got some excellent indie gems first (Braid, Castle Crashers, Limbo), but most of the great smaller games on 360 ended up on PS3 – notable exceptions of Shadow Complex, Mark of the Ninja, Fez and Trials – but the PS3’s got a lot of quality indie stuff lately, so again I’d call this a draw (and that’s probably being generous).

            You can slice it and dice it any way you like, but if you’re just looking at consoles, the PS3 has a deeper and broader range of exclusives, and there’s not a respectable gaming journalist that’ll tell you otherwise. You look at PS3/360/PC, and the 360 loses half of its exclusives and looks decidedly soft on the ground. As someone who plays on all three myself, once you’ve got a PC as well, the PS3 is easily the console that adds the most, in terms of gaming, next to it.

            Don’t get me wrong, the 360 is a great piece of kit, with an awesome range of games. If you can’t enjoy yourself on it then you’re not a gamer. It’s just that the PS3 is also a great piece of kit, with an even better range of games. It’s hardly surprising, given the extra depth of Sony’s studios compared with Microsofts, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing for 360 owners, who tend to go for the more mainstream stuff anyways (ie, they’re not really missing out, as they’re likely to focus more on the mass-market stuff as it is). Both are great consoles, but if you want a broader range of exclusives, then the PS3 is where it’s at. Going forward with the PS4, given that MS look to be doubling-down on their mass market approach, I’d bet good money it’ll stay the same for next gen.

            This isn’t a bad thing – this doesn’t mean the PS4 is better or worse than the Next Box – they’re just different. Microsoft targets the mass-market audience and caters to them well, while Sony targets a broader gaming audience who likes the mass market stuff but goes for some of the deeper and more niche gaming experiences. By specialising this way, as gamers we’re all more likely to get what we want :).

          • Colors United Make Greatness

            I’m in the not same boat, people can say whatever they want about microsoft but I like their exclusives quite a lot more than I like playstations, Halo and Forza specifically are 2 of the best franchises if not the best in their respective gaming categories, shooter, and racer.

          • Axe99

            Halo’s a great shooter, AI in Forza’s (4) horribly easy though – I’d heard so much about the AI from Xbox fanboys and was looking forward to getting stuck into it, and instead get bored shooting to the front after half a lap and sitting their all race. Best way to race though – given the cars prefer to drive through you than around. GT5’s AI isn’t great, but it’s a generation ahead of that in Forza (which is about the same level as the AI in the NFS:Shift games – handling in Forza is fortunately much better though – Forza online would be a great experience :)).

          • DpwnShift

            “AI in Forza’s (4) horribly easy though – I’d heard so much about the AI from Xbox fanboys and was looking forward to getting stuck into it, and instead get bored shooting to the front after half a lap and sitting their all race.”

            You must not race on hard difficulty, manual transmission, with all assists off…

          • Axe99

            I don’t in Forza, handling model’s not good enough to justify it, and I don’t have a wheel (my Logitech wheel works for PS3 and PC – it doesn’t make sense to get a second wheel for a third system with less quality racers than the other two). Plus racing near-sim handling with arcade AI is a recipe for frustration (particularly when the AI don’t have to follow the same rules). Don’t get me wrong, handling in Forza is pretty good, I’d say comfortably the second-best on console, but it’s got a ways to go before it’s up there with GT5 or the PC sims. But, tbh, after playing other racers, the thing that impressed me most about Forza was the menus, event structure and loading times. If Forza’s structure and menus had babies with GT5’s handling, AI and visuals, it would make for one excellent racer.

            I think for Forza I raced sim steering and handling, full (although it shouldn’t be called this – only game to do full damage right so far that I’ve played is TOCA Race Driver, although I hear the F1 titles are great at it as well) damage, ABS at half, TCS off. It’s hard to remember the exact details but it was about a 120% modifier. I did note that in Forza the range of settings for assists on and off was far less nuanced than in GT5.

          • Nathan O

            I find Killzone underwhelming. Typical FPS with no defining gameplay feature to set it apart from the rest.

          • Axe99

            It depends what you look for in a shooter – I haven’t seen a shooter this gen with the AI of KZ2 or 3 – the actual enemies have behaviours you just don’t find anywhere else (yet), which really set it apart from me. Halo, on the other hand, has some great vehicle sections that break up the pace but the enemy AI is pretty backward (not so much the original Halo, which had well above-average AI for its time, but it failed to evolve for Halo 3 – haven’t played Halo 4 yet, so it may have picked up there). The AI in Halo made the actual on-foot shooting quite archaic at times – they covered for it to some degree with good enemy variety, but the actual enemy behaviour was bog-standard average.

            Again – it gets back to my point of separating the top-tier games – they’re both very high-quality games, both with some best-in-class elements, but no game will please everyone – it depends what you’re looking for :).

          • Merlino

            Ah ok, you are a lone single player..

          • Axe99

            Aye, I game on PC, 360, PS3 and Vita – paying a gold sub for 360 when I get online for free on the other three (and cross game chat on PC and Vita) for nix is a pretty easy choice to make, and I prefer things like Counter Strike, MAG and SOCOM online. Enjoyed KZ’s online a lot as well though. Will give Halo 4 a shot online soon, maybe hit it hard for a month with then go silver again.

          • Nathan O

            I love Halo 4 but I won’t argue with you there, all enemy types are scripted to specific behaviors and it can get very predictable.

          • Axe99

            Don’t get me wrong, not trying to take away from Halo here (am loving it – easily the game that makes me happy I got a 360), just trying to highlight how different shooters have different strengths (my most played shooter on PS3 is MAG, which I wouldn’t call top-tier as it had a few too many rough edges, but it was unique and the best games in MAG were the best moments I’ve ever had in an online shooter, there was just nothing like it).

          • Megan Fox

            PS3 exclusives are always shitty.

          • jigen_

            killzone more depth than halo? it’s a joke? what do you know about halo universe? take a book and start

          • Axe99

            I’m talking the games lad – the discussion here is about gameplay, not story. Although if we are getting onto story, the actual story in the Halo games is kind of Saturday morning cartoon meets teen fantasy – it’s good fun, but it’s aimed at a bit of a younger audience than me (having only played Halo 1-3 – Reach and Halo 4 look like things are getting a bit more grown-up). It’s a good story, don’t get me wrong, reminds me a bit of the vibe of ‘Battle of the Planets’ when I was a kid, and it is evolving over time with signs that it’s getting a bit deeper.

            Edit: Also, the flood are a crazy easy enemy – I find it’s always a bit entertaining in the Halo games that the enemy everyone’s scared of, and usually pop-up half-way through the game, are easier than the Covenant at the start! Forerunners in Halo 4 look more impressive though, looking forward to getting stuck into them.

            Killzone story isn’t anything to write home about either though – I’m focussing on the gameplay. If you want quality stories in shooters, I’d look for the Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon games, or the Bioshocks – haven’t played it, but the word is that Spec Ops: The Line has an outstanding story as well.

          • Ysleiro

            I will tell you why old school Xbox players (and Halo fans) feel how they feel about Halo.

            Obviously no one part of Halo is alone superior to every other FPS out there.

            We feel, collectively speaking, no other game out there comes even close and it’s because of the multiplayer and style of combat Halo uses. I personally feel that Halo compensates “skill” more than your average shooter out there. Meaning the element of surprise plays a smaller factor than say COD and the game actively discourages camping by placing power items on the field and spawning each player with the same weapons (thereby forcing players to move around to get the weapon they want).

            I understand some of Halo’s combat style is unrealistic. As we know Mario is capable of changing direction in mid jump. Halo incorporates that and other little nuances that aren’t necessarily realistic. Each of those things make the game better though, since the game’s objective hasn’t been to offer the MOST realistic experience.

            I’ve heard folks complain “I empty a full clip on a guy and he doesn’t die, Halo sucks”. These individuals should understand that by shortening the health bar you are effectively increasing how much the element of surprise plays a factor. You are also indirectly encouraging camping.

            As great as Resistance/Killzone is do you see yourself grabbing your PS3 and heading over to your friends house (with monitor in tow) for a good Friday night gaming binge? In all my years gaming I’ve never seen a single friend take his PS3 around with the intention of LAN’ing and possibly playing against a buddy or going online and playing together. This is common for fans of Halo. It’s the best thing about it.

            Honorable mention: Battlefield; but Battlefield and Halo are kinda different and not necessarily the same type of FPS. One is a typical Arena Shooter and the other is a Militarily Realistic shooter.

          • Axe99

            Halo online sounds very much like its built from the Doom/Quake/UT mold, and that’s fine – it’s a great model for arcade shooters – but to suggest that it’s the only model that rewards skill is incredibly narrow minded (if this was the case, we’d only be playing these titles for eSports ;)).

            Again, it all depends on what you’re looking for – positioning and situational awareness is actually part of the skill in many shooters (in SOCOM it’s critical and very much part of the game), and a very enjoyable one. For people that aren’t looking for that in a game, Halo sounds great, but I personally prefer the situational awareness requirements as well – that doesn’t make me less skilled (although I’m personally not particularly good at these things), it means I focus on different skills.

            On the by, if you’re looking for an excellent vehicular shooter that’s got less of a situational focus and more of an arcade side to its mechanics, Warhawk is top-notch (and the community is still going, half a decade after launch), which again reinforces both my points – you get more variety on the PSN, and it has high-end experiences that are of the same calibre as those on XBL (just like I’d argue that XBL has high-end experiences of the same calibre of those on PSN).

            Your comment about Resistance and Killzone reflects your circle of friends, not the broader gaming community – Resistance and Resistance 2 both had very enthusiastic followings online (Resistance 1 for the multi, Resistance 2 for the coop), and I’ve personally run numerous community nights and four community tournaments (just for Australian and New Zealand players) in Killzone 2 (Killzone 3 fluffed its private match setup, which made a mess of community events). On the other hand, I only know a handful (two) of mates that make an effort to get on and play Halo. I’ve just seen enough to know that my experience isn’t indicative of the whole world’s, so I don’t go saying silly things like “hardly anyone jumps online or goes to a mates place to play Halo with friends”, lol. As always, and discussed above, communities in PSN games tend to be a little smaller than Halo, because on PSN there is a far broader range of shooters.

        • Voicing Concerns

          Halo is an on par ok shooter at best. It does nothing fantastically. Honestly, Gears is everything that is wrong with shooters these days. Boring gameplay, boring graphics, boring characters. The only thing that puts Xbox shooters above Sony’s is the online. Microsoft hit first with Live on the original Xbox and brought it forward to the 360. I personally experienced 0 issues playing games on PSN, just there were less people playing, though this was never an issue in CoD Or Battlefield, had some problems with the lesser releases due to population. To me, the only exclusives Xbox really shows are boring, run of the mill shooters that have at least their equivalent on the PS3. They just don’t milk their titles like Microsoft does, Halo has gotten as bad as CoD about constantly releasing another game with no major changes.

          • Brodo789

            Gears has boring graphics? gtfo.

          • fistsofjustice

            Yes it does it’s all grey! Compare that to the colourful graphics of uncharted 2 and 3 those games piss all over it.

        • Guest

          Exactly! I bought a PS3, and it is now boxed up, ready to be traded in for the Durango. The Resistance and Killzone series were very disappointing.

      • noobius

        I would play thos games on the new Xbox also anything new would be nice to

  • MassErect

    M$ can suck my dick! WOO! I was set on PS4 long before the twitter controversy. I’m a 360 owner too for this gen. The day I get my PS4, I will take a nice, steaming, hot dump on my 360, then leave it at the front door of my local GameStop. =D

    • Gary A.

      Nah, take it inside Gamestop to get that extra 10% credit with your Power Up card…

      • MassErect

        Oh yeah!! Thanks! =D

    • Nathan O

      If you’re so sold on the PS4, just buy a PC instead of a second rate gaming rig.

      • b_one

        You know that both consoles will have same support from AMD ? right?

        • Nathan O

          Of course. I’m saying xbox is doing something innovative with this new product. Considering the price of a decent gaming rig and especially the price you save on software through steam, I don’t see where the PS4 fits into this industry.

          • b_one

            haha! Good one.

  • Bozo Sapien

    All you Sony fanboys crapping on this do realize that the PS4 doesn’t have backward compatability either, right?

    • Tyree Brown

      ummm we’ve known that PS3 games wouldn’t be compatible w/ PS4 since it was announced soooo….

    • Axe99

      They’re probably just getting some of their own back after all the mud that was slung when the PS4 lack of b/c was announced ;). I don’t agree with it, but it’s hardly unbalanced.

    • dead

      Backwards compatibility was the problem with the PS3 launch, it was too expensive to keep it in, that’s why they pulled it out and the price dropped.

  • GavinGT

    The only question I have is whether the 360 Mini can still be used offline. Obviously if you don’t own a Durango then you’ll need an internet connection to download content to it, but can that content then be used offline?

    • Gordon Jones

      No, the Mini content will not be able to be used offline. If the Mini is plugged into the Durango, the Durango can play the content and is not required to be online.

  • ME
  • Tyree Brown

    Welp here comes another Apple Lawsuit

  • PlayStation 4

    Not impressed.

    • Makainaito

      I wouldnt expect you to be ps4

    • Sven

      You look great.

    • eternallord

      u will later 😀

  • Mr Orth

    The news all console fans were hoping and waiting for! Durango turns from lemon into must-have!

    • Former Microsoft Fan

      I saw nothing about the durango other than no backwards compatibility without basically attaching a 360 to it.

      • Nathan O

        I believe that point is that if you have an xbox360 your not going to buy an xbox mini, you’ll buy the durango and keep your 360 if you want to play. The xbox mini is for casual users so gamers don’t have a need to buy both.

        • Thomper

          Nope…I’ll buy one as well. It sounds cool !

  • SighMon

    Yay! More made-up bullshit from VGLeaks.

  • Sparticus

    basically from what I just read was a complicated way of saying all the devices made to work for the 720 require being online to function. Even though it plays “offline” games it didn’t say you could be offline to play them. Pretty much tells me what they’re planning with the 720 as well. Personally, I don’t like what I’m hearing. MS would’ve squashed these rumors a long time ago if there weren’t truth to them.

    • Nathan O

      Squashed these rumors about a product that hasn’t been announced and therefore does not yet exist? You haven’t been following MSFT very long, have you?

      • Sparticus

        It’s being revealed really soon. If they don’t have at least that much of the design figured out by now then this system wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon. So yes, they know the answer and they’re not telling us. Use your head.

        • DeathK

          That’s not what he said. MS does not entertain rumors and speculation on unannounced products. So this notion some people have that they would have piped up by now if said rumors weren’t true is bollocks.

        • Jam’n Citizen

          You’re the one who needs to use your head.

  • Usman Mohammad

    From what I know from different sources, this is indeed correct. Durango is the next gen console itself and there will be a refreshed 360 launched near side it.

    What’s new to me is the connectivity between those two devices to achieve backwards compatibility.

    The XDK did state what Always On, Always Connected meant and that it related to download and installing updates while in standby, however that kept being overlooked by people and the fact that utilising the Windows 8/blue kernel, would also bring connected standby support, which is what this AOAC thing is technically about.

    • astrograd


      Can the article’s author clarify the bit about Durango not requiring a connection to be played “locally”? Seems to me this may indicate Durango will indeed require a connection to be played and will require a fee (presumably) to unlock used games EXCEPT when it is being used to play 360 BC games, which aren’t designed to require such restraints. If you read that paragraph in this context it all aligns tightly with the existing leaks/rumors. So before ppl get too excited, can the author please clarify that?

      Will Durango games require an internet connection to play and will Durango games require a fee of some sort in order to be played used? I don’t mean 360 games being played on Durango via BC…I mean proper Durango next gen titles.


      • Jam’n Citizen

        Here is a gamer proving what is wrong with many gamers these days. For the sake of the world, please do not get some poor girl pregnant.

      • Usman Mohammad

        The whole not requiring an internet connection play locally just tells the readers that they will not need an internet connection to play offline.

        The Durango will not use a 24/7 DRM system, you can still play games if you don’t have internet. That’s what it means.

        From the leaks, Windows 8/blue kernel, Microsoft in general and just what I have expected from this next generation, the always on always connected is what refers to the updating feature when the system is off.

        It’s more of a developer term, AOAC is what connected standby in windows is. They’ve used term to describe connected standby when showing off Windows 8 at Build 2011

  • KingRell25

    That’s nice….still getting a ps4

    • noobius

      That’s nice still getting a ps4 and xbox720 🙂

      • KingRell25

        That’s nice…still stealing your xbox 720 to go along with my ps4:-)

  • Aaron Hudson

    This reminds me of old sega. Buy this accessory to expand the capabilities of the main thing. Genesis, Sega CD, 32x

    • Thomper

      It was sort of the opposite really. The 32X and Mega CD were designed to boost the power of an existing system and take advantage of a large installed userbase. This appears ot be more abhout offering backwards compatability, without having to use two seperate devices.

      • JimmyDanger

        I believe he’s got them mistaken with the Power Base Convertor – a unit officially released by Sega alongside the MegaDrive in 1989 that clipped into the cartridge port of the Mega Drive/Genesis and allowed full Sega Master System backwards compatibility.

        • Thomper

          Ha! I forgot all about that !!! Wasn’t there a similar device for the GameGear also?

  • mak2c

    This backward compatibility thing sounds so familiar to me… Didn’t Sony file a similar patent 2/3 years ago?

  • Zybra

    Take that sony fanboys ! Durango play games offline and can play second hands games ! hahahahahaha !!!!
    Wait for the officials leak about hardware for the biggest meltdown ever happend to you !!! lol !!

    • Haralson

      Official leak?

    • Syafiq Segaf

      :facepalm: if it’s OFFICIAL then it’s not a leak..

    • Axe99

      I’m a huge fan of the PS3, and greatly anticipating the PS4, and I’m _happy_ to see that Xbox fans won’t get royally screwed over. Competition is good, and Xbox kicking an own goal wouldn’t do gamers of any stripes any favours. So, err, I’m a fan of Sony and I’m happy for the news. Not much of a meltdown going on here ;).

      • I love you Axe99

        -Xbox Fan-

        (PS send me a ps3 so I can play the last of us!)

        • Axe99

          Haha – if I win the lottery maybe ;). Not only am I a PS3 fan, but I dislike the way MS does business (more for their Office products than gaming, but some of their gaming moves rub me the wrong way), but fanboys that want to see people that use a different device suffer just shits me to tears – if someone loves the 360, and they’re having fun, is that not a good thing?! So you keep having a blast Tim, and here’s to the Xbox Next being just as strong as the PS4 when it comes out :D.

          The other thing that gives me the irrates is that _both_ consoles are great – if you can’t have fun on either, then you shouldn’t be gaming, plain and simple. I might have my biases, but I was lucky enough to get some money for Christmas which I used to pick up a 360, and am happy I did :).

  • I would not want to buy both consoles just to have backwards compatibility. They should just have a streaming service for 360 games like ps4 is doing. Although I guess it doesn’t really matter that much to all of us that already have 360’s.

    • Ironmanxrs2

      The PS4 solution will be laggy as *ish. Who trusts PS4 servers to deliver on half of what they presented?

      • Nathan O

        You nailed it. Even the PS execs were making word soup trying to explain how PS4 backwards compatibility would work.

        • JimmyDanger

          You mean when they said “they were looking into the possibility of Backwards Compatibility through Gaikai”. That’s extra special word soup.

      • Turtle

        Servers had nothing to do with it. The Ps3 had half the RAM for data transfer, since it wasn’t unified like the 360’s.

      • die

        Never had a problem with PSN servers personally, my only issue was DL size , and they promised a solution to that too.

        • Nathan O

          Latency is the issue. There is a reason why Onlive and Gaikai never obtained a great deal of success. If they are planning on using their servers to emulate PS3 titles and then stream them to your console they’re is a an average of 100ms of latency both ways. This means 200ms of latency between when you push a button and the action happens in the game. This may be okay for some jrpg’s but it would make majority of games unplayable.

    • TheChenger23

      It actually does matter to everyone really. It said that existing xbox 360’s would no be compatible with the Durango.

    • Nathan O

      You mean like PS4 is planning on doing someday. Just like how they were planning on bringing cross-play support to the vita for all PS3 titles. In my experience Sony is better at making promises than delivering them.

      • die

        They never said for all PS3 titles, they did say for all PS4 titles. Get your facts right. Sony planned it out, it was one year to the week between the Vita release and the PS4 announcement. They had long term plans for the Vita, they wanted it out there, they wanted people to have it, they wanted to get the price down.

        • Nathan O

          I believe Sony said “We will be extremely disappointed if all PS4 titles do not have cross-play support on day one.”

          This to me sounds like it might work by the PS4 release, but it’s not working yet.

    • Nathan O

      So hold onto your 360.

      • TheChenger23

        Whats the point in holding onto it?

        • Nathan O

          To play 360 games. Didn’t he just say he doesn’t want to buy the Durango and the Mini for BC? The xbox mini isn’t for 360 owners it’s to get new people adopting the xbox brand. If you want to play 360 games, keep your 360.

    • Brodo789

      So you want to have to buy all of your ps4 games again?

  • Ironmanxrs2

    Yessss! This makes perfect sense. I knew the other rumors were BS. Especially after the GameStop CEO essentially declared the XBOX720 is a beast. He wouldn’t say that if it blocked used games or killed it with DRM.

  • TheChenger23

    I am a PS fanboy but i am glad this is happening, the Nextbox and the PS4 have to be competitive for there to be progress.

    But from what my understanding is on this, is that nothing here shows me that it is better than the PS4. So no need to say this is going to be better than the PS4 at this point.
    @TheChenger23 on twitter

  • Gordon Jones

    Wow thanks. This finally makes sense. I have been baffled by what the heck Microsoft is doing letting all the rumors continue to go unaddressed. They didn’t want to tip their hand early too early. In my opinion, I think this roadmap is a really good idea.

  • jahfou

    Sounds great to me if true. Trade in my 360S along with some old games but keep the good ones, at gamestop and apply it to Durango. Then within a year or so buy the mini when i miss my old 360 games, fine with me. Of all the hype and BS before and since the ps4 announce, this plan seems the most logical and feasible.
    Plus, since MS knows playing BC games is better locally than in the cloud (which is true) i don’t see them implementing the “always-on” DRM snafu. Because. Thats what it is.

  • Auto_Immune

    Will the mini be able to use Durango’s kinect (or vice-versa)? I don’t really want two kinects sitting by my TV that’ll only get used occasionally.

  • Jerry

    excellent and fuck that Orth guy

  • hmadfdas

    >citation needed

  • shark975

    “specification updates”. Any word on those? Overclocking?

  • HGamer

    This rumor makes much more sense.

    Making one single player game online only is stupid enough (EA, simcity). Making a whole console and all games online only is the most stupid idea I can think of.

    Although the xbox mini is still online only. But it’s just for 360 games. That I can accept.

  • Guest

    People want backwards compatibility, preferably with higher resolution? Why do that when we can re-release the same hardware and limit it.

    • Nathan O

      You may want BC. People in general aren’t all that worried about it. It’s not like any console has ever provided real BC, it’s almost always an emulation process. I guess the PS3 was the exception because they included a PS2 chipset in the original model but it proved to be to expensive and hardly utilized so they got rid of it.

      • Gregory Edcius

        the wii had full backwards compatibility the wii u has full backwards compatability even for the shop channel ps2 had full backwards compatability and even the 360 supports backwards compatability and they kept patching for more games
        gameboy color gameboy advance ds 3ds are all backwards compatible vita is backwards compatible with psp and ps one games so it has been important for at least the past 15 years or something and a lot of people look at that when purchasing the next gen
        The reason they took out the chip was cause it made the ps3 very easy to hack not for the five bucks the chip costs

  • THIS POST IS ASSUMING THESE “BAD” RUMORS FLOATING AROUND ARE FALSE… obviously I don’t know what Microsoft’s actual plan will be..I personally think that MS not debunking the rumors floating around about the “always online” and all the other bad rumors that have surfaced will actually end up heiping microsoft in the long run (assuming that all those “bad” rumors are false). Think about it. They have people talking about their system, yes in a bad way, BUT, if these rumors are all false, then people who were so initially disappointed will be like “OH CRAP ITS NOT TRUE I WANT DURANGO MORE NOW”. They have stated they don’t comment on specuation of unannounced products, and I understand that. They’d rather come out and surprise everyone with their announcement event as opposed to debunking each individual rumor right away and taking away from what they are going to say at their event (and after the ps4 event they gotta bring their A+ game to the table). They can make a much bigger punch by surprising everyone at a kick ass announcement event. If they debunked anything then they’d be lowering the hype for the event. These rumors are putting them even more in the spotlight, and I hope they pull through and have an amazing event that blows people away. Although I’m really impressed with ps4, I Think “Durango” will end up surprising everyone and being great too.

  • Former Microsoft Fan

    I see a lot of posts by Microsoft fanboys trying to justify Microsoft fucking their customers. I and most of my friends have been loyal to the Xbox, but these kinds of announcements make all of us question their motives. This is the Arcade all over again. We’ll sell you something that seems inexpensive, you just have to pay another 200 dollars to make it actually useful. This is disingenuous shit, they are trying to throw so many names at you, confuse the fucking lingo so that no one knows what they are talking about. Note how among all the features of this disc-less piece of shit they are touting, they always say 360. They aren’t going to name their next system 360, they’re just trying to find a way to sell you what you have for another fucking dollar. Sony has been straight forward about their announcements, this is an ass-backward run around announcement, saying basically fucking nothing.

    • JimmyDanger

      There’s been no announcements from MS. Just the banging sound of hundreds of tiny drums in your head.

    • where are you getting this the ps3 was no diffrent.

  • Tired

    Sony’s shown constant innovation in a positive direction, Microsoft, to me, sounds as bad as EA, just looking for another way to take your money. Sounds like the usual Microsoft jargon, oh the systems done, you just need to buy something else to play old games, something else to play movies, another thing for wifi….

    • Nathan O

      I just don’t understand where this comes from. Sony has simplified it’s console so it’s more like every other computer, added more processors and RAM and their developers are going to continue to develop games (games I consider pretty mediocre at best but that’s just my opinion). That is all I got out of the PS4 announcement. Sure they have Gaikai but it seems to me they still don’t have a clue how this is going to fit into their services. So please tell me where is the innovation?

  • die

    Best part of all this is that this is a leak, essentially a rumor.

  • FIRE!

    The development kits required several pieces of hardware as to combine all “potential” hardware which may or may not be required to work with each other, which also includes the potential for any or all devices to required a network connection, which is where most of the “required” rumors are coming from.
    Sums it all up, you may need 1 or all of these things to make it work and may require an internet connection.

    • Nathan O

      “will not require an internet connection to play local content”
      “will not block used games”

      I realize that these are still just rumors (just like the rumors stating the opposite)
      but these two things have been specifically stated so I am dumbfounded by your confusion.

  • Zamio

    Would be pretty funny if MS “accidentally” let these plans fall into the hands of VGLeaks.

  • Xypros

    Why people are comparing xbox and ps ? You like what you like, Please don’t go like ps is better than xbox or xbox has that and stuff, People like driffent things, I like xbox 🙂

  • Craven Moorehed

    All the idiots in fear of “blocking used games” are funny. You realize it is a marketing strategy, right? You can’t possibly be as dumb to think they would try to attack the main money-making aspect of their system so some 3rd party publishing house can sell new games. Say you are in the market for a video game system, and you think PS3 is the answer. But wait, the PS4 says it won’t play used games, scratch that, you are a penny pincher and don’t want to pay $60 for every game, so you decide to not buy a PS4 and go ahead with the safe PS3. 2 months later, the PS4 comes out and it plays used games, surprise! Now you want a PS4 even though you just bought a PS3. Sony made up some shit about the specs, you believed it, and they sold a piece of hardware that everyone knew would be obsolete in a couple months. That’s why all these rumors come from junky little video game sites who claim “reliable source”, it’s Sony, but without coming out and saying that it is them, it gives them plausible deniability. Sony can then say “Who said it wouldn’t play used games? Don’t believe those rumor mill sites.” After they have sold as many of the last few PS3’s before the PS4 launch.

    It’s a strategy that has been used for a long time in business. Sony did it with the PS2 and the PS3, Microsoft did it with the 360. Before them, Ford and Chevy did it with cars, touting new safety/emission standards that would limit engine sizes, to sell big engined cars before the redesigned model came out with the same big engine,

  • Maddie9426

    So wait, will the xbox mini be able to play xbox 360 discs (From out of the boxes)?

  • Glass

    I hope this is not a reality.

  • Glass

    So expensive!

  • Billy Beefcaked

    Sounds like uber failure SEGA CD back in the early 1990’s to me.

  • Saturn5

    My eyes are hurting from the very poor syntax the author has used in writing this article. I just couldn’t follow it due to constantly being distracted by the awful sentence structure.

  • epobirs

    The DVD playback package for the original Xbox didn’t add any new functionality, other than a receiver for the remote. The receiver was also a dongle that told the software already installed in every Xbox that a license had been purchased and it was OK to do DVD playback.

  • Better MGS
  • FordGTGuy

    Wont play used games and online requirement. VGLeaks done goofed here.

  • JG

    So far the Mini rumors were kind of true, but I saw on Forbes that it was canceled, but then MS showed a new Xbox 360. Major Nelson mentioned something about being able to connect it to the X1 HDMI in, but didn’t say if the X1 UI will control the 360.

    But it looks like the original Xmini (Apple TV idea) was canceled.

    “Durango itself will also always be online like any other device (correct with rumors), but it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent playing used games.”

    It seems like MS went back to the original plan! That’s good to see!

    “The development kits required several pieces of hardware as to combine all “potential” hardware which may or may not be required to work with each other, which also includes the potential for any or all devices to required a network connection, which is where most of the “required” rumors are coming from.”

    Now we just have to hope that MS will revert back to this original roadmap to fix this nightmare.

    • lolx19

      Any more news on all of this? Hoping you will see this reply..

      • Glass