Orbis Dualshock layout

leak destructoid

Destructoid have dropped the bomb. They have closed the rumors with the first picture for the Orbis’s gamepad. That’s not going to be the final look, it’s a prototype. We would like to add further information about this pad:


leak destructoid Orbis Dualshock layout | VGLeaks 2.0


ORBIS Controller Features:

Digital Buttons:

  • Directional buttons
  • Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square
  • L1, L2 and L3
  • R1, R2 and R3
  • SHARE (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)
  • Touchpad clicks
  • PS (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)

Analog Buttons:

  • L2 and R2


  • Left and Right


  • Two-point multi-touch (with mechanical click)

ORBIS/PS4 Controller has an electrical capacitance touchpad where the position at wich the user’s finger is touching the pad can be detected. At most, two points can be detected at the same time.

Motion sensors:

  • 3-axes gyro sensor and 3-axes velocity sensor

Vibration feature:

  • Large motor and small motor

Light bar:

  • RGB LED (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)

  • Insane Metal

    I’d like to know if they changed the triggers.

    • spikeysyco81

      they changed em…… pad looks good in the newest pic

  • Guest

    hopefully that light isnt on it and move isnt on it either

  • fixItalianGamer

    max respect …. this is the best website for Know if rumors is real….. 🙂

  • spikeysyco81

    that is the orbis development console behind it, i see hdd and wifi indicator, 8 controller port lights, power button, eject button, and an unknown button at centre, two usb ports and the two black blocks either end of the unit on close up look like eyetoy camera’s

  • EVHS Cobalt


  • Throughout this gen, PS3 fanboys have fought hard saying that the PS3 controller has been just fine. Interesting reading on all the sites out there, how welcomed the changes in the look and the feel could be. But I thought nothing was wrong with the old one. 🙂

  • PSX