Paper Mario for Wii U listed on Walmart

paper mario walmart

Intelligent Systems is under my opinion an underestimated developer. Users tend to deify the common Nintendo titles, but Intelligent Systems deserves some credit after Paper Mario, Fire Emblem and the legendary Super Metroid.

The group could be working on a new chapter of Paper Mario for Wii U. For that scenario, Walmart should have listed the game as a slip and not for mistake.

For the record:

paper mario walmart 600x285 Paper Mario for Wii U listed on Walmart | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks to the nameless dude.

  • OL

    Nintendo posted this to Twitter last night and immediately removed it.

    • #GG

      It’s fake.

      • Blazechimp

        prove it

        • Carlos

          It that was true, believe me, even if that tweet was up for a single second, a lot of gaming news site would have speak already on that. Because IGN, kotaku, mynintendonews, wiiudaily and not a single one of the many more gaming site have speak of said tweet, I’m inclined to say that is is fake.

          • True Radiant Free

            Plus a google image search on the image yields only this exact comment thread lol

    • Skizzy

      I will cry. I will cry out of overwhelming joy if this is real. I’ve waited for this for so long, and it’s taken it’s toll considering it’s my favorite game of all time (all of the versions).