This week we have received bad news about two of the most anticipated titles. Ubisoft has delayed Watch Dogs and The Crew until the next spring. DriveClub could join the party, according The Same Coin, DriveClub would be delayed.

The Same Coin would have received this info through an anonymous source. Furthermore, Kotaku has confirmed that The Same Coin info was accurate. Sony and Evolution Studios haven’t still confirmed or deny this rumor. Therefore, DriveClub could vanish from the exclusive PS4 launch catalogue, moreover, Sony would have to add another game for PS Plus users, because DriveClub PS Plus Edition wouldn’t be offered at the PS4 launch.

If DriveClub is finally delayed, should Sony offer another free game for PS Plus users instead of DriveClub PS Ed? That’s a way to compensate early adopters.

Thanks, Joystiq. Picture, Neo-GAF.