PlayStation Experience: Exclusive JPRG, New game by Capcom and more info for No Man’s Sky hinted to be there (Updated)

PlayStation Experience will be hold at Las Vegas in December 6-7. According some hints dropped by some insiders, Sony could unveil new products there. Today, I have merged two different sources that share the same hot topic: new games for PS4 are heading the platform.

1. Tidux, a well reputed insider, has stated that Sony could present a new JPRG game in that act and that title could be an only for PS4 product.

tidux 1

Updated: Tidux confirms he was not speaking about PSE when he answered the question related to the JPRG game. Thanks to CesarDP One for the tip.

tidux 0

Moreover, No Man’s Sky could surprise everyone with new details/info/footage.

tidux 2

2. Yoshinori Ono has confirmed his presence in PlayStation Experience and he should bring something new for PS4.

ono 1

It could be a PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV or even the western presentation for Deep Down. In another scenario, Ono could unveil a new game for PlayStation 4 too. There are some variables.

One way or another, it seems that Sony pretend to give new stuff to their players in PS Experience, so, stay tuned for that event.

Thanks, DualShockers & Gamepur.

  • True Radiant Free

    I really hope MegaMan gets announced for PS4. That would make people RAGE.