A new console RPG will be revealed in December by Square Enix


December will be a busy month.

First, The Game Awards will be held, and world premieres are promised. Then, Sony’s PlayStation Experience will come, where we can expect new game announcements. Finally, Jump Festa will take place in Japan and, obviously, we cannot discard the unveiling of more new games.


Add to that the declarations of Square-Enix  president Yosuke Matsuda told the latest issue of Famitsu: S-E will reveal a new RPG specifically for consoles.

Actually, right now, we’re working on a new RPG specifically for consoles and it isn’t a remake. We’ll start talking about it more in December and go from there.

Just so we’re clear, we also still have a lot of titles in the pipeline for not just consoles, but also smartphones and PCs, and this includes games that our overseas studios are working on. I can’t talk about what platform those other titles are going to be on yet, whether they’ll be on console or mobile, but I believe we should have a wide variety of games to announce after the new year arrives.

These are projects that began after I assumed the role of president at Square Enix. We’re going to have a lot to show for both Japan and overseas markets.

Dragon Quest XI ? 

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