Report exposes certain turmoil against Nintendo management


Satoru Iwata reinforced his position in the latest Nintendo’s shareholders meeting. Despite of that, some voices could be opposed to Iwata and his way to manage Nintendo.

An article published by Business Journal (Japanese Media), claimed about the existence of an opposite stream of thought inside Nintendo.

This group would compel Iwata to develop and publish Nintendo’s games on smartphones devices, but Iwata would have rejected to follow that path. Satoru would defend the synergy established between the hardware and the software manufactured by Nintendo as a Nintendo’s strength.

In the other hand, another insider mentioned by Business Journal stated that there is a cultural friction, because of Iwata came from outside to manage the big N (Iwata was a developer in HAL Lab). Moreover, there is a feeling about the incompetence of Iwata due to his link with the development section.

Apparently, managers who apposed to Iwata would want Yamauchi’s first son to become the president of Nintendo.

Thanks, NE.

  • True Radiant Free

    Nintendo should never put their games on smartphones. A year from now, Nintendo will be doing just fine, just as the 3DS succeeded.

  • Guest

    Nope, your hardware skillz SUCKZ, Nintendo. Go 3rd party multiplats.

    • Grendelmon

      Yeah, their hardware sucks all right. So much that Sony and M$ ended up copying the “gimmick” last generation. Iwata has been wiping his bum in the jon with 多くの yen from all the money they made.

  • perpetualentropy

    nooooo thats a horrible idea they dont understand if nintendo put their games on other consoles and devices it wil be over nintendo would be sega in a sence

  • perpetualentropy

    its not about that with nintendo thats the whole point its about gameplay and their hardware doesnt ”suck” show me any nes that is broke i never seen one i have never seen any broken nintendo console that stopped working over time they have been played in space on mt everest and a game boy once exploded in a tank and still worked same doesnt go for the others ive seen many play stations and xboxes that just stop working #redringofdeath