Rumor: Dragon Age III and the next Mass Effect game not coming for WiiU.


Back in 2012, Dragon Age executive producer, Mark Darrah, said BioWare was using Frostbite 2 as a “foundation” for development on Dragon Age III, but now Bioware has confirmed that Dragon age III: Inquisition and the next Mass Effect game will use Frostbite 3, DICE’s last engine.

The Frostbite 3 engine was presented along with Battlefield 4‘s reveal yesterday at GDC and showed many improvements over the previous Frostbite engine.

Of course, this would not be relevant were it not for the fact that Frostbite 3 currently does not support the WiiU.

This could perfectly mean that both games are not being ported to WiiU. Let’s remember that Battlefield 4 is, also, not coming for WiiU and Battlefield executive producer, Patrick Bach, recently told Eurogamer that “the Wii U is not a part of our focus right now.” .

Is WiiU completely out of EA’s future plans?

Thanks to Gamespot.

  • blade gunner pistorius

    Wii U is dead

    • Plutonas

      EA is dead… What EA does, is to give plenty of air in other companies to take over wii U with their games… An example, COD ghosts will sell much more, Pro soccer instead Fifa, etc etc etc etc…. Its not a problem for nintendo. Games like cod and battlefield are identical, its nothing special…

      It will be also a huge opportunity for CD-Project, retro, monolith, Square anix, Ubisoft, etc to promote their RPGs on wii U, if dragon age or next mass effect wont come to wii U… Nintendo customers will always have alternatives and strong alternatives, so its EA that damages them selfs not Nintendo!.

      And lets see the facts!! Xbox360 and ps3, took them 1.5 years to make 5m sales each… Wii U is in the 6th month and its nearly 4… Next xbox720 will have Online DRM and it will cost MUCH more (including internet bills, subrscriptions, etc)… Dont expect huge sales in the other platforms. Ps4 will be very expensive and we dont know yet about online drms on that one.

  • RicardJulianti

    Considering EA’s complete 180 on the Wii U, this isn’t surprising. The excuse is a weak one….if they don’t have support for Wii U in Frostbite 3, why not umm idk….add it? They probably deliberately coded it to not have Wii U support. The other excuse about not wanting to take a risk is flimsy as well, they are putting the game on the PS4 and the neXtBox which have sold 0 units. On the other hand, the Wii U has sold 3.06 million according to official numbers from Nintendo’s financial report in December. Which is a bigger risk, a console with 3 million sold (possibly 15m by the time this releases), or systems that will be lucky to sell 3 million combined at launch?

    The Wii U will be fine without EA. 2 Third party ports and a Lego game gave the Wii U almost a 200% sales boost in the US. Just think what a game like W101 or Pikmin 3 will do, much less Mario and Zelda. If EA games keep under-performing like Dead Space and Crysis, they might be in for some trouble.