Rumor: Naruto heading to PC.

Yes, this is a short new. But it’s interesting, very interesting one.

A new title has appeared at Steam registry. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 has showed up today and could mean that the game released for PS3 and 360 it’s coming to PC, supposedly, sometime this year.


naruto steam


Many other games had appeared in the registry as well. Halo 3 or King of Fighters XIII showed up but we never saw a port to PC. Now it could be different, Namco has been porting some of its latests games (remember, Dark Souls or Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, for example) and it could mean a change in its policy about PC market.

I only know one simple thing: I want (need) to see this game  running in a PC with thousands of enhancements.

  • Adol Christin

    Unlikely but won’t rule it out. If it does come out, it will probably be a basic port like Dark Souls and Ace Combat.

  • Douglas De Marques Flores

    Just waiting for this release on The Pirate Bay

  • amineh

    If this really happens, i will go to namco and just be like “HERES ALL OF MY MONEY TAKE IT ALL TAKE IT”

  • Mike4Life

    Guys, it’s official.