Rumor: PS4 could reach the shelves November 13th in Europe

Sony stated that PS4 will arrive to the markets this holiday season, although we haven’t got a specific date, we suppose the machine will be available for the Black Friday at the States. Sony has to seize the opportunity to spread across in the most important market.

This time Sony is going to do a simultaneous launch for America, Japan and Europe. Europeans won’t have to wait two or three months further if they want to buy and play with the latest Sony’s console. Today, Media Markt (Germany) and (Holland) have listed PS4 for November 13th. It’s a rumor, so, consider this date as an estimated date release for the machine.



Some ones could premiere their PS4 with Call of Duty: Ghosts. I guess it’s one of the Sony goals if the company releases the machine in those days. Remember: €399/$399/£349.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.