Rumor: Rare working on a launch title for Durango / Next Xbox


“Currently Working on a AAA Next-Gen Xbox Release Title… for 2013”

This is what appears on the CV of a British freelance animator. Last September, this same person posted on Facebook that he was working with Rare on a new tittle  but “cannot divulge any details due to confidentiality agreements“. He also states that the game “will be big.” 

It seems quite obvious that we will see a launch title from Rare for Durango/Next Xbox this year.

rare logo 600x450 Rumor: Rare working on a launch title for Durango / Next Xbox | VGLeaks 2.0

Tom Warren, from The Verge, said a few weeks ago that the launch titles line-up included a “family game set on an island with Pixar movie-style graphic”.

Is Rare being “forced” to develop Kinect-only titles? I hope they are not.

Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Mr XBob

    Rare were the main guys who *developed* Kinect. I don’t think they’re being “forced” to do anything – they’re simply working on the platform they helped create, and pushing it more than any other developer seems to want to.

  • duuuuuuuuuuuuude

    Killer instinct possibly?

    • bret bowlby

      I can only pray that this is the case!

  • Fred

    Rare is just the shadow of the amazing studio it used to be. Key devs left a long time ago. It’s an empty shell dedicated to mediocre kinect games

    • You’re Dumb

      Same old song and dance. Quit whining about it already.

  • gorrrr


  • Livin in Bard Times

    Family game with Pixar Style graphics could also be Good Science or BigPark. More likely Good Science in that instance considering their work on Kinect Adventures.

    Of course, that bold text kinda implies they ain’t (Cheeky, Maynard). Chief Samurai and PGR 5 for Rare launch titles then?

  • Fluffy

    What I wouldn’t give for a new Fable, with gameplay hearkening back to the original/the sequel, but with graphics akin to the the UE4 demo…

    • Steven McGrieven

      Fable is by Lionhead, not Rare, and I would love that too. Something in the same vein as Fable I or II. Fable III, I believe, was a lot better than internet naysayers would have you believe, but still wasn’t as good as the first two. Rumors say that Lionhead is actually developing a Fable MMO, which could be awesome. Who knows?

  • NateS14

    bbbbbbhbb(dare I say it) BANJO THREEIE!>?!?!?!?!?KLJINHDSOIHSJODPIJHNSAODI{PSA