Rumor: Xbox One controller broken up

Xbox Skyer, a website from China, has got an exclusive upon Microsoft and its Xbox One pad. If you want to see the innards of the Xbox One controller, you are in the right place. This controller was picked up in Dongguan, China. Moreover, this pictures aren’t still confirmed for Microsoft, hence could be a copy of the original controller, but it appears to be legit.


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This time we could see a battle between the PS4 pad and the Xbox One controller. Sony seems to have done a great job with its new pad and Microsoft had already a great controller for Xbox 360 and now the company has improve some points of that pad to create the Xbox One controller. What one will be better?

Thanks, Kotaku.

  • 787 Screamliner

    Sony missed a chance by making the buttons more colorful, crisp and the symbols more bold. Xbox one controller has done it.

    • Christian

      Both controllers are subject to change.

      And anyways the PS4 controller has been getting nothing but positive reviews so far. The general consensus from people who’ve used it seems to be that it’s just about amazing:

      The Xbone controller is mostly more of the same, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing since the original controller was already well-received.

      In the end looks won’t matter. It will be about comfort / functionality and both controllers seem to be pretty even in that respect now (though the touchpad on the PS4 controller could give it the edge if games find good uses for it). Again though, they could be tweaked before release.

    • Usman Mohammad

      At the end of the day it’s about how the controller feels rather than its