Are you tired of watching movies and television shows with your college roommate and looking for new ways to pass the time? Here is a more exciting option: multiplayer games.

There are many games you can try today. But which ones should you pick? This article will highlight the five best titles you can enjoy with your college roommates.

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Having some key essentials for the best gaming experience is also important. These include:

  • Gaming Chair
  • Gaming Desk
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Headset
  • Laptop

That said, let’s dive in.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

CS: GO is one of the most popular titles, with millions of participants worldwide. You can compete as a team or have a competitive match with your college roommate. The title has numerous features, such as weapon customization, skins, maps, and modes.

CS: GO is the go-to option in many college rooms, and this is not changing anytime soon. Twitch shooting drills and skills have made CS: GO more popular than ever since the title allowed free-to-play models.

2. Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Suppose you and your roommate want something with more iconic, stylistic, and intense characters. In that case, we recommend Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a combat video game based on the popular Dragon Ball martial arts anime.

Characters from the Dragon Ball franchise are playable fighters in 3D environments in the game. You can increase your combo meter by performing exceptional moves after each successful hit or block.

3. Fortnite

Fortnite is an online battle royale game in which you must explore buildings and fight other players to win rewards such as weapons and clothing. Fortnite also allows you to construct forts, set traps and set up defenses against other competitors and monsters lurking around every corner.

Every year, Fortnite hosts numerous tournaments, such as the Fortnite World Cup, where you can win millions of dollars.

4. Minecraft

Minecraft is an online multiplayer game where you build a world out of blocks and survive the dangers that come with it. If you are looking for something to get your adrenaline rushing without a lot of violence, this is the one for you.

Since Microsoft took over Minecraft, it has become many people’s favorite. Thanks to the constant updates, you can now get even more creative. In Minecraft, you can explore mines, build the tallest skyscrapers from your imagination, and visit different worlds in the comfort of your dorm.

5. League of Legends

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League of Legends is a strategy-based multiplayer game where participants are divided into two teams and must defeat their enemies by killing them or destroying their bases.

You can choose from over 100 available characters, each with unique skills and abilities they can use during battle. It requires good teamwork between teammates to win against other teams, making it perfect to participate with your roommate.


Finding an interactive and fun activity to do with your roommate doesn’t have to be hard. There are a ton of multiplayer games available to indulge in with your roommate, and more are on the way.

CS: GO, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Fortnite, Minecraft, and League of Legends are among the titles we recommend. However, you can pick any that suits your preference.