Games are now part of the learning curriculum at all levels through educational gamification or assisted learning. Students can now rely on games to learn complex concepts and on professional academic writing services to get essay help while studying through games.

Most of these games contain a step-by-step deconstruction of complicated topics while enjoying exciting gameplay. In this article, we’ll explore the best PC games for learning.

Kerbal Space Program

This game puts you in charge of a spacecraft traversing through the galactical worlds of the alien race Kerbal. You can also access several parts to help you assemble your craft in orbit.

Kerbal Space Program hones your understanding of physics, astrology, fluid dynamics, engineering, and aerodynamics. You also learn more about the solar system as you test the limits of your custom-made craft.

There are three modes:

  • Sandbox Mode: Construct a suitable spacecraft for any desired project without penalties for failure.
  • Science Mode: Use experiments to unlock new features and gadgets.
  • Career Mode: Use your administrative skills to manage the construction, maintenance, and functioning of the program.

This game is available on Windows but not macOS.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

This game focuses on adventures through a fantasy origami world with a keyboard and a red fox for company. As part of the experience, you have to take on your adventures with the ferocity of a keyboard warrior. Move over, Twitter!

Playing this game can boost your cognitive skills and eye-hand coordination. This game is also perfect for students looking to improve their writing skills—a skill you will need throughout college and the rest of your professional life. In addition to this game, hire a good paper writing service, and learn from professional writers. And if you don’t know how to find expert writers, check these writing service reviews first.

Minecraft: Education Edition

When it comes to interactive student games, Minecraft is one of the pioneers. This game features a virtual universe that enables players to build any world they want.

And if you are still skeptical about playing this game, the Minecraft: Education Edition release now focuses on creating an immersive virtual learning environment for students.

Also, students can use tools like the camera and immersive reader to gain deeper knowledge in specific areas.


In the current political turmoil, students need a better understanding of how democracy works. The Democracy series teaches young learners the origins, merits, and core values of modern democracy.

When playing the game, the student will take on the role of a democratic leader and govern any country of their choosing. They will also work on implementing policies to ensure they can extend their tenure within the legal bounds of a functional democratic system.

Some policies to implement in the game include anti-corruption agencies, carbon capture, prison regimes, and gender transition.

Universe Sandbox

Physics lovers, unite! This game is a dream come true for lovers of astrology, astronomy, and space exploration. Unlike other games that focus on space battles and intergalactic wars, Universe Sandbox focuses on the physics of space.

Within the game engine, you can create your own solar systems and experiment with different configurations of the universe—you can play God!

Universe Sandbox is available on Steam, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can get the complete package for $29.99, including a VR engine that works on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Math Blaster

The struggle with math is real for every student. The thought of those abstract equations, formulas, and graphs haunts even the most attentive scholars.

But Math Blaster is here to bust every myth about learning math through the use of a powerful gamification technique. Students and young scholars can use Math Blaster to learn basic calculations.

Although the game is for kids, adults can use the app to sharpen their knowledge of basic math. You can download the game to your device or play it online.


As the name suggests, this game is a university for the brain. You get to stimulate your brain through fun activities instead of pumping your nerves with streams of coffee.

With the Daily Exam mode, you can track your progress as you acquire more cognitive skills. You can also interact with your virtual host Edison who will guide you through the game.

Some of the features that make Brainiversity an excellent brain stimulant include:

  • Training categories for Language, Memory, Math, and Analysis;
  • Word Builder and Spelling Bee;
  • Visual Memory, Reverse Shapes, Perfect Match;
  • 23 different Trophies to earn;
  • Practice mode to hone your skills;
  • Daily Chart for comparison with other players;
  • Multiplayer mode (from a single device);
  • A fun host named Edison.

You can download the app for macOS or Windows devices.


PC games are essential tools in the modern classroom. Teachers can rely on these tools to help their students understand complex topics. Students can also use PC games to brush up on their knowledge and other life skills. Overall, you can download these games on your local drive or play them online to improve your learning experience.