In Borderlands 3, all the playable characters are extremely badass. If you’re in the middle of a playthrough, you might want to know what a character is truly capable of doing. That’s why we’ve created this guide for one of the best vault hunters. Finding the right playstyle for FL4K can be done in many ways as he can access three pets that can offer offense, defense and support. Additionally, he deals tons of damage to literally melt through enemies.

This FL4K build fully complements his strengths while creating more options for survival – especially as a solo player. With high damage and high survivability, you’ll run through hordes of enemies in a blaze of glory! Be warned though, you might need to invest quite a bit of Borderlands 3 Money, which you can easily acquire on Eldorado GG.

This FL4K build focuses heavily on improving his critical damage output. Pets take on a more supportive role in keeping FL4K alive while further boosting his damage. You can either prioritize the Stalker skill tree or alternate investing skill point in Stalker and Hunter, leaving the Master skill investment for last. 

FL4K Decimation Build

This build not only has an insane amount of DPS achievable but additionally works well for high survivability – it’s so good that I rarely ever died with the use of it. Most abilities you make use of in here will either enhance damage, HP regeneration or reduction of the ability cooldown timer. 

One you’ve invested enough Borderlands 3 money in the right weapons, you can literally melt through enemies and every one you kill will reduce the cooldown on your Fade Away invisibility skill, permitting you to be able to use it almost non-stop. Fade Away can be used to supply you a breather when under excess fire, however can additionally help in dispatching enemies.

In that regard, we frequently switched between the Until You Are Dead and Guerillas in the Mist augments. The former allowed for greater damage output and supplied prolonged invisibility – which used to be especially beneficial for positive boss fights, and the latter was wonderful when we faced numerous weaker enemies who we killed en masse.

My pet of preference for this FL4K construct was the Spiderant Scorcher as it in addition boosted my HP regeneration and granted some elemental harm atop of our crucial damage output. Not solely will FL4K continuously regenerate health from multiple skills but his pet will also be able to revive him when bleeding out thanks to the Lick the Wounds skill.

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FL4K Predator Build

This FL4K build uses of a mix of skills from the Stalker and the Master talent trees. The ability factor investing priority have to be given to the stalker tree to provide FL4K a conflict risk and enlarge his survivability in the early game. After that, the rest talent factors should be invested into the Master talent tree to buff FL4K and his pets for the endgame.

This build gives insane survivability and a decent amount of pet support. First up, the Stalker tree is completely utilized to make bigger FL4K’s damage output motion pace and health regeneration whilst lowering harm acquired and skill cooldown. We experience like this is the most beneficial skill aggregate for a last FL4K build. Additionally, FL4K’s cloaking capacity – Fade Away is used to further improve survivability via augmenting it with Guerillas in the Mist and Until You are Dead skills. This will make sure that you can hearth away while staying cloaked for extended intervals of time. Furthermore, this build is also geared up with Lick the Wounds skill which will make your pet revive you when you enter the Fight for your Life.

Seeing as I prefer to make accurate use of the time FL4K is invisible, the build is nice used with weapons with quick charge and deep magazines. Mostly Vladof ARs that can consistently shoot and dish out insane damage thanks to the capabilities from the Stalker tree.

The Master ability tree then takes all that to make this FL4K build really endgame. Most of the abilities here are aimed at increasing injury output, health regeneration and motion skill duration. Furthermore, the construct utilizes an awesome synergy between the Who Rescued Who?, Hive Mind and Mutated Defenses capabilities for closing survivability setup. These three abilities will make each FL4K and his pet unkillable as long as you are killing enemies.


FL4K is one of the most played characters in the Borderlands 3 community, and that’s for good reasons. He is really competent at dishing out damage and creating a true action scene out of a mess. If you have a Badass level enemy on your tail, dodging and waiting for your pet to maul him while you strike in your invisible form for a shotgun kill has to be one of the best feelings in gaming.