Second Son is the first real next-gen entry for PlayStation 4. This chapter is considered by Sucker Punch a new franchise inside the inFamous universe. There are new gameplay mechanics that impact directly in the way you play the game.

The Delsin Rowe’s tale shows a new level of segmentation speaking upon powers and possibilities, but it’s something that you will have to discover for yourself…

inFamous: Second Son it’s a product with a high tech technology treatment:

• 11,000: Number of ‘ashbit’ particles Delsin shatters into during a single smoke dash through the air. Each particle is individually textured (including the custom jacket!), before reforming!

• 75: Number of high-resolution scanned poses of Troy Baker’s face that were needed to train our performance capture system to produce Delsin’s facial animations. Troy had 168 tracked markers placed on his face and his head mesh resulted in 22,321 separate vertices (not counting his eyes, lashes, or beanie) that were used for various in-game animations.

• 32 machines are used in the render farmthat computed all the reflected/ambient lighting in the game.

4 600x337 Fast Facts about inFamous: Second Son (tech details) | VGLeaks 2.0

• Each rain drop is considered a particle and there are over 30,000 of them.

• There are 1,024 sound variations of the smoke bolt. It will rarely sound the same twice.

• Adaptive Ambient System enables each district to have its own atmosphere that conforms to the time of day, type of weather, and if the DUP controls it or if Delsin has freed it.

second son a1 600x337 Fast Facts about inFamous: Second Son (tech details) | VGLeaks 2.0

• Over 50 individual sounds are used in a smoke orbital.

• Delsin’s head is built out of 60,000 triangles, plus 7,500 triangles for his beanie.

• We have 168 skeleton joints just for Delsin’s face.

• The blocks in our version of Seattle are 100 meters square. That’s exactly the same size as an actual Seattle block.

• During our cut scenes, each of the 20,000 vertexes on Delsin’s face is animated independently, thirty times a second.

Amazing, isn’t it?

inFamous: Second Son will reach the shelves on March 21 only for PlayStation 4.