Videogames and gambling games have been linked for many years. Maybe more time than anyone of us could have imagined.

SEGA released its own casino game for Master System and Game Gear a couple of decades ago; Nintendo followed this growing and appealing trend and, thanks to them, we’ve visited many Casinos as Mario or Luigi; even franchises as Final Fantasy have a really strong tradition on this. We all can remember Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife and the entire party of the game having such a nice time in Gold Saucer. And these are just a few examples.

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Gambling games have always been there, among us, gamers. Sometimes we’ve played them as mini games, other times we’ve played them as complete and stand alone games… but now everything is changing and evolving into an interesting ecosystem.

The Internet era arrived and it changed the way we could reach this kind of digital entertainment. Now, everyone can launch an internet browser like Chrome or Firefox and play roulette, poker, or whatever they want. Even if they don’t have a lot of time. This evolution allows the player to have a nice and quick play, they don’t even need a console or handheld, now everyone can play thanks to their computer, but also with the smartphones. The Times they are a-Changin’.

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Nowadays, we are fortunate to have the best casino sites we could imagine. We don’t need to dust off our old PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and launch Read Dead Redemption in order to play cards. Visiting a Casino in any of the Dragon Quest games is not anymore the only way to gamble. Software developers as Microgaming are giving us new options, new roads that lead us towards a dreamed freedom.

Let’s take the opportunity to enjoy, let’s PLAY.

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