Ever since Grand Theft Auto Online, part of the iconic game series, launched back in 2013, players have been desperate to see what is inside The Diamond Casino & Resort in Vinewood, the downtown area featured in the game.

Casino finally open

The impressive-looking building was closed for years despite an “opening soon” sign suggesting otherwise. Now the sign has been removed and players can finally enter the establishment to see what all the fuss is about. But the casino and the way it has been integrated into the game also gives us a glimpse of how video games and online casinos could become more closely linked in the future.

Video game and online casino crossover

The debate about whether traditional video games and online casino websites could somehow find some common ground has been bubbling for a while. Casino websites have been looking at ways to bring more gaming elements into their titles to attract new audiences.

Features such as secret levels, power-ups and other bonus games have been introduced into slot games. At the same time, companies such as RegalWins.com have introduced live dealers to their traditional table games to bring a more authentic casino experience to the online environment. So online casinos are looking to the future and the past to improve the overall customer experience.

Meanwhile, the new casino feature on GTA Online also shows that video games companies have been looking at what makes casinos popular and how that can be integrated into the gaming world.

End of speculation

The GTA casino officially opened on July 23 and brings to end years of speculation about what was inside the casino and why it was even there. There were many theories doing the rounds but all the speculation can now be put to bed.

A large number of games available

Once inside the GTA Online casino, players can exchange their GTA$ for a limited number of casino chips from the cashier and play a selection of popular table games including roulette, blackjack and poker, as well as virtual horse racing and slot machines themed around GTA features. There is also a lucky wheel which players can spin to win anything from clothes to sports cars.

The concept follows the introduction of poker games to Red Dead Online which also proved successful. The casino also brings new missions to the game such as protecting the establishment from unscrupulous investors. In addition, there is a penthouse suite that players can occupy and decorate to their own taste. The casino also has a VIP membership option, a helipad, a VIP lounge and limousine service to make players feel like real high rollers. To get VIP membership, you’ll need to invest in a penthouse suite, so you will need plenty of GTA cash in the bank.

There is no doubt that this could spark a new trend in gaming with even more crossover style video games with gambling elements and vice versa. Something which gaming experts have been predicting for a few years now.

Image: Pexels