Two weeks ago the Korean Games Rating Board leaked the existence of Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, a collection Konami later confirmed. Now, a new Halo product has been spotted on this board.

Halo Bootcamp‘ is the title of the project we can see on the Korean site. Although the product is listed on the board as being a Windows PC based, it does not seem to be linked to the Halo 3 for PC rumors we have talked previously.

halo bootcamp 600x143 'Halo: Bootcamp' appears on the Korean Games Rating Board | VGLeaks 2.0

The media are speculating about this ‘Bootcamp‘ subtitle being a for a Halo graphic novel based around the events of the attack on Halo Reach.

I forgot to mention that this ‘Halo Bootcamp’ is not a Xbon One title, according to a Microsoft spokesman statement: “it is not related to our Xbox One efforts” but it is something they “will have more to say about in the future”.

Thanks, OnslySP.