Every year and every day, new games appear on the online gaming market and fill the digital shelves. In this multi-billion dollar industry, it is very easy to get carried away by the visually appealing displays offered by leading game providers. Devoted online players are constantly looking for new and exciting games with useful features, and few people understand this better than Anna Rosak, a Polish iGaming expert at KasynoHEX.

“To be honest, getting started with online gambling can be quite daunting. After all, a website can have an interface with thousands of games, and they are all quite similar. And it is very difficult to choose something really high-quality and interesting from this huge selection”, says expert Anna.

So, today we will find out which games and providers are worth your attention. In addition to such popular Polish games as The Witcher and CyberPunk, there are more that are really worth knowing about.

1. This War Of Mine

If we were to rank games, This War Of Mine would definitely take the third place, following the best CD Projekt games. Released in 2014 by Warsaw-based 11 Bit Studios, this exciting game takes you to the fictional city of Pogon, besieged and devastated by war. You control 1 to 3 characters, each with unique traits, trying to survive in this environment. With names reminiscent of Central Europe, these characters must repair and maintain their makeshift home during the day, and search for the essentials at night when the fighting subsides. Like many other war survival games, This War Of Mine offers players challenging situations and difficult decisions, evoking a real sense of gratitude and hope with each small victory.

2. Wazdan

Wazdan was founded in 2010 with the aim of creating quality content that is fully optimised for players. Since then, they have released over 150 high-quality video slots. You may know Wazdan from their table games such as Roulette and American Poker Gold, but that’s not all. Among their features are bonus rounds such as free spins and respins, which can be found in popular games like Dwarfs Fortune and the Power of the Gods series. “These particular slots are popular among players because they have a good payout ratio and often appear in rankings such as KasynoHEX wypłacalne kasyna”, Anna notes.

3. The Medium

In 1999, the medium Marianna embarked on a journey to the town of Niva, located in Poland. She discovers the ruins of a communist-era resort reminiscent of the Krakow Hotel, where a massacre was once committed, hidden by the authorities. As Marianna unravels the city’s dark past, an ominous presence emerges, hinting at a supernatural connection to the massacre. Taking inspiration from Japanese horror classics such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, as well as the surrealist art of Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski, the Krakow-based Blooper Team creates an engaging game. Here you will find the split-screen effect and the fact that the game seamlessly combines the life and spiritual realms.

4. Gamedec

In this cyberpunk role-playing game created by Anshar Studios, players are transported to a future version of 22nd century Warsaw. Every day, residents seek refuge from reality and discover virtual worlds where aspects of human nature such as lust, laziness, envy, and pride are exaggerated. Players take on the role of a game detective who solves crimes in these virtual worlds, where the line between the “real” and the “virtual” is blurred, and the concepts of “life” and “death” take on different meanings.

Gamedec offers a decision-making system that challenges players’ intuition and judgement. In addition, an intricate storyline created by Polish science fiction writer Marcin Sergiusz Przybylek immerses players in the game.

5. Phantom Doctrine

Turn-based games often go unnoticed by the general gaming community, but they have a following among developers and board players who love statistics and probabilities. One of the noteworthy games of this genre from Poland is Phantom Doctrine, created by CreativeForge studio in Warsaw and released in 2018. Set in the 1980s, this spy thriller presents an alternative version of the Cold War, where players lead the spy cell “The Cabal” (with the option of choosing the CIA, KGB, or Mossad) against the fictional “Observer Initiative,” an organisation that seeks global domination through mind control. Phantom Doctrine combines turn-based gameplay. Alongside historical events such as the US invasion of Grenada and the CIA’s MK Ultra program, players complete missions such as the kidnapping of a moustachioed union leader.