Shuhei Yoshida -SCE Worldwide Studios President- teased an unannounced PlayStation 4 project by Sony Bend Studio. Concretely, Yoshida teased this project during the launch ceremony of the PlayStation 4, but since then we haven’t heard more about it.

However, yesterday a career opportunity ad from Sony seeking a Senior Staff Animator for the studio gave us some details about Sony Bend’s first game for PS4:

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Position Overview:

Animate characters, weapons, vehicles and everything else that moves in a game. Create sophisticated character performances for in game and cinematic sequences including acting, facial animation and lip-syncing. Expert understanding of human, animal, object motion, weight, and timing applied to 3D animation. Help develop and drive the look and feel for the all animation within a game that matches the artistic style and gameplay defined by the studio leads.

Principle Duties / Responsibilities:
• Help drive the implementation of all in-game animation.
• Work with programmers and leads to develop game animation pipelines and processes.
• Create high quality animation content, primarily characters, objects, and creatures.


• Expert understanding of all animation and motion capture workflows.
• Expert knowledge of Motion Builder, Maya, Max and other animation applications.


• At least 5 years of game art production or film related experience
• One or two years of post-high school education or training

Preferred Experience / Education:
• 6 to 10 years of game art production with credit on several shipped AAA titles.
• An advanced degree or professional certification requiring formal training (i.e., MBA, MFA, MA, MS)

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As we can read, the ad talks about vehicles, weapons and “creatures,” so expect these elements to be in the game. But what attracts our attention is that Bend Studio is seeking a very high profile professional in the animation field. Besides, the developer describes a very cinematic approach to game design.

Source | DualShockers