Playground Games introduced a new milestone in their trajectory after Forza Horizon 3 success. The Racing game is the best-selling title produced by Playground and it’s the best rated too. The studio could think outside the racing box with their new project: an open world RPG.

According to GamesIndustry, Playground have hired key talents to work on this unannounced game:

Sean Eyestone, production director. Former senior producer at DICE for Battlefront II. Involved in different production roles at Konami (Hideo Kojima team).

Will Kennedy, chief designer. Game, level designer, senior online mission and flow designer at Rockstar in GTA V.

Juan Fernandez di Simon, combat designer. Former combat designer at Ninja Theory.

At the same time, Playground will grow up to make room up to 400 workers. They are going to work in two big projects at the same time, Horizon 4 and their new RPG.

Thanks, GamesIndustry.