Capcom started the last gen in an erratic way, but there was a deep change after the release of Resident Evil 7 and after that game, they have delivered great titles. Resident Evil Village continue the trend and is one of the most anticipated games for 2021.

A Reddit user has posted the marketing schedule for Village and the roadmap that Capcom could follow to reach the best impact for this new RE title. In bullet points:

  • January 2021. Third trailer, announcement for current-gen systems (PS4 and One), trial announcement exclusive for next-gen systems (demo). Village release date would be announced along with 25th anniversary goodies.
  • Mid January 2021. Pre-orders. Pre-order accessible from RE7.
  • February 2021. Making of video would be released.
  • March 2021. Open beta, developer interview, media preview and B-Roll with info. Second making of video.
  • April-May 2021. Third making of, second trial (demo), more content. Game could be ready for May.

Thanks, Whatifgaming.