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Atlus continues to explore the Persona 5 universe, and the latest venture is currently in the works at the Japanese developer. Information regarding Persona 6 has surfaced across various threads, with a kind Reddit user taking the time to compile everything. Here’s a summary of the key details about Persona 6:

  • Persona 6 is set to diverge significantly from its predecessors, primarily because it is being developed by a new team. Individuals from Persona 3 Remake and spin-off projects are collaborating on this installment.
  • The game will not adopt the gameplay style of the spin-offs; instead, Atlus is implementing a new development structure.
  • Described as a blend of Persona 3 Remake and the spin-offs, Persona 6 aims to deliver a unique gaming experience.
  • Despite initial expectations, the game’s unveiling has been delayed by Atlus, who opted to wait for the presentation. Metaphor, another project, is anticipated to be out before Persona 6.
  • Exclusive platform information is currently unavailable. Leaks suggest the game may be on PS5, with no plans for release on older generations of consoles.
  • The internal codename for the game could be “Carbon.”
  • Additionally, there is mention of a spin-off named Asa, potentially a party game.

Thanks, Resetera and Reddit.