Konami is back. Many rumors have been published about the return of Silent Hill and the possible externalization of some Konami IPs to be developed for other companies. This time around, VGC claims that Konami wants to be again the premium editor and developer that was some years ago.

Konami is planning to bring back their bright with the following projects:

  • Metal Gear. Virtuous could be working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3. The project is in an early state. Konami could release remastered versions of old Metal Gear titles to current systems.
  • Castlevania. Konami is working on a new Castlevania, this new entry would be a “reinvention” for the Belmont saga. Konami is collaborating with Japanese studios to develop this.
  • Silent Hill. Apparently, there are different projects related to Silent Hill in development right now. One of these projects is in development by a prominent Japanese developer.

I want to believe.

Thanks, VGC.