Nintendo and Sony are trying to help indie studios to publish their products without hurdles. Indies are able to create fresh games with innovate game mechanics, due to they don’t have to create a specific product and they are not under pressure, at least not the same pressure that large publishers do under other studies.

Microsoft is on its way to offer the same easiness to the indies. Gamereactor has exclusive info for this matter. A developer with a long and proven track record is currently in talks with Microsoft about self-publishing on Xbox Live. This developer would have leaked some points for the new Microsoft policy upon indie studies.

Microsoft would have a new policy upon the indies, the new policy would separate small indie studies (one of two person) for the more complete independent studios. The difference would be in the following point: larger studios, won’t be allowed to self-publish anything that they can produce, it’s a manner to control the published software in the market.

Moreover, the same developer states that Microsoft could cut the price of devkits for select indie developers. 10.000$ is a barrier to enter in the industry for too many groups.

Thanks, Gamereactor.