Square Enix is doing a great job with Final Fantasy, delivering games with engaging systems, interesting storylines, and overall quality content worthy of the investment. Soon, that investment might extend to the highly beloved Final Fantasy IX remake.

Details about this remake have surfaced on Reddit, though they remain purely speculative:

  • In development for PS5 and Nintendo Switch 2, with a potential release in 2026.
  • The remake will be a single game.
  • The art style aims to stay true to the original, described as having a Pixar-like aesthetic.
  • The game will feature an open-world map with more defined locations, such as dungeons and cities.
  • The combat system will retain turn-based mechanics with additions to make it more dynamic. The trance mechanic will be deeper.
  • An external company is reportedly developing this remake under Square’s supervision.

These rumored details suggest that the Final Fantasy IX remake will maintain the essence of the original.

Thanks, Reddit.