Yu Suzuki is well known for his arcades and for his unfinished work on Shenmue series. Suzuki is a prominent figure in that field: Out Run, Hang-On, Virtua Fighter, among others. He was responsible for these games and he has a debt with his fans.

A French reported had the opportunity to speak with Suzuki and the former Sega employee told him that he had considered crowdfunding to produce the third Shenmue game. Moreover, Suzuki has also expressed interest in completing Shenmue’s story with an anime or manga series.

Cross your fingers, Yu Suzuki could surprise us with a Shenmue’s Kickstarter. Sincerely, I wouldn’t expect that, but he could finish Shenmue producing an anime.

Would you give your bucks to Yu Suzuki?

Thanks, Gameinformer.

PS: That’s not an April’s fool day article. Shenmue 3 has the leading role in that funny day all the years since the Shenmue 2 release.