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Games are an important market, in this context important means money. This business produces every year higher profits than the cinema and the music market together. We are speaking about huge sums of green notes; therefore, we have to assume that sometimes the information is manipulated.

At this stage we can check different websites and read upon the same topics. It’s very easy to find disagreements between different journalists of different websites about objective topics. At the end of this year we should be playing with PS4 and Xbox One. These machines are in overall very similar, though they have a subtle difference if we speak about the RAM. Xbox One has 8GB of DDR3 and PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5. Some Medias forgot this mere change when they compared both machines in their comparatives articles.

210 Videogames and media, manipulated information? | VGLeaks 2.0

This divergence point could have too many explanations. The journalist could have thought that the RAM amount and the type was really the same, It’s a possible reason, but not logical when we are supposedly reading professional sites. The easiest explanation uses to be the right one, therefore it could have a hidden interest to promote one product.

I cannot deny one point; you can’t produce money for your site if you don’t advertise games and consoles. Companies manipulate your content, if you want to continue or repeat specific deals with specific enterprises you have to treat them aside than the other ones. All this have a solution, a very easy one in fact. Make your own website with 1&1. You just need 3 steps to make your own website with a professional output. You can change your role, you can become part of the business if you think you can offer a fair treat for all the products without any veiled interest just commenting your own impressions. Just do it.