Big moves in gaming tend to come in waves far more than any other media with single genres and game mechanics often hitting the big time and then fading in less than a couple of years. A few trends have managed to stick, such as the massive indie game revolution of the 2010s, or the enduring interest in battle royales. Even then, the rate of new ideas popping up in the middle hasn’t decreased, so what are we likely to see next?

Crypto Gaming

Crypto is the topic on everyone’s lips right now, and crypto gaming is set to take off dramatically. Plenty of big online industries such as online casinos and major retailers have already picked up on this trend and are putting it to use. For the former, we’ve already seen sites appear dedicated to playing casino games with crypto that even facilitate crypto purchases directly on the page.

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The crypto gaming seen is only just starting out but there are plenty of titles like Axie Infinity already live. One of the big draws for these games is the ‘play-to-earn’ concept, where players can put time into levelling up whatever NFT asset they have in-game and then sell it for a profit down the line when it increases in value. It’s a very new market but it already has a lot of supporters behind it.

Immersive Gaming

When we talk about immersive gaming, this is anything that gets you more ‘into’ the game. The most common type you’ll hear about is virtual reality, with millions of headsets now out there in the world. However, that’s not the only kind available, even if the other options tend to be on the expensive side.

For those willing to put out the money for them, there are things like haptic feedback suits that are specially designed to make you feel something of the hits that you get in game. For instance, getting shot in the arm in Call of Duty gives you a sizeable pulse on that arm, while a kick to the stomach would make you feel it, albeit not as much as the real thing.

AI Gaming

Saying the phrase ‘AI gaming’ itself feels a little odd, as there has been some kind of artificial intelligence in gaming for decades now. In fact, some attribute the first ever ‘AI’ in a game to Spacewar! back in the 1960s, although this didn’t have the learning quality we’d expect from the term.

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With video gaming often being something of a spectator sport, AI may see itself in a new role. It is entirely feasible to eventually create games and content like this that are simply AI against AI in evolving conditions. We’ve already seen basic versions in games like Gratuitous Space Battles or Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, so games of this type with more advanced AI are possible.

Of course, the staples of the industry like FPS, sports, or fighters, will still be around for a long time to come. Just don’t be surprised if the technology manages to transform them a little bit!