Many of you will recognise the name of Yuji Naka immediately. For those who don’t know who he is, Naka is one of the creators of Sonic. Besides, Naka also worked on games such as Phantasy Star, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg or Ivy the Kiwy?.

By the beginning of 2018, Yuji Naka joined Square Enix, but for now we haven’t had any clue as to what he was working on. However, last week he tweeted this:

Thank you for your birthday message. Today I’m 54 years old. How many games will I be able to make by the retirement age, including the original action game that I’m currently making at Square Enix? I’d like to work hard to develop a game that everyone around the world can enjoy.

As you can see, Yuji Naja confirms he’s working on an “original action game” with Square Enix. This is big news, but unfortunately, we have no more info.

Stay tuned!

Via | Resetera