[Rumor] Dead Rising coming to PS4

18 July, 2016 1

Dead Rising, the game developed by Capcom for Xbox 360 back in 2006, could be soon released on PlayStation 4. The web exophase has revealed a detailed PS4 trophy list for the original game, so an […]

PC Games You Must Play In 2016

27 June, 2016 0

In all the chaos of computer console and mobile gaming it is easy to forget that PC gaming is still very much in the main stream these days. Here is our look at the PC […]

The importance of online modes

23 June, 2016 0

A lot of you may have noticed it. Many others –the least- maybe didn’t notice the change, but online modes have been growing until they are considered, both by media and players, as the new […]

[Leak] Dead Rising 4 screenshots

13 June, 2016 0

Many Dead Rising 4 screenshots have been leaked during the last hours. Some of these images are, allegedly, from a debug build running on a PC.   Dead Rising 4 is supposed to be a remake of […]

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