SNES Rayman prototype found by Michel Ancel

24 October, 2016 0

What a nice surprise Internet gave us yesterday. Michel Ancel, creator of the Rayman franchise, shared a pair of images showing a Super Nes Rayman prototype developed 24 years ago that was thought to be lost. […]

Classic games retooled for the digital age

11 October, 2016 0

Technology innovation moves at an increasingly fast pace. In the past few decades we have gone from vinyl, to cassette tapes, to CDs, to mp3s and other digital formats for listening to music. The same […]

A Look At Insomniac’s 2017 Spider-Man Game

5 October, 2016 1

Spider-Man may just be the most prolific superhero when it comes to video games. The beloved wall-crawler has featured in countless games including some based on films, some constituting standalone Spider-Man adventures, and others featuring […]

[Leak] Resident Evil 7 new screenshots

14 September, 2016 1

Resident Evil 7 official info and leaks are slowly spreading on the Internet. Tokyo Game Show will start tomorrow and, of course, Capcom will host two RE7 presentations during the event. Luckily we can always […]

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