Ace Combat 7 rated for Xbox One


When Ace Combat 7 was announced at PlayStation Experience 2016 last month, the game seemed to be another PS4 exclusive. Today we have known that the Taiwan Game Software Rating Information board has rated Ace Combat 7 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As you know, the ratings coming from Korea have proved to be reliable but, however, we must warn you: take this info with grains of salt until it’s official, since the Xbox One page has seemingly disappeared from the Rating Information website.

Stay tuned.

  • I hope it is true.

    • Master Bating

      Sony has done this countless times as an advertising move.
      By ommiting any info about other versions and paying other companies to do so they make most of the consumers think the game is exclusive to their platform until early launch.
      You can see this in their official channels even for comfirmed multiplats
      Just to prove my point, they are still advertising Nier Automata as an exclusive even though a PC port has been confirmed.