Ace Combat 7 rated for Xbox One

4 January, 2017 2

When Ace Combat 7 was announced at PlayStation Experience 2016 last month, the game seemed to be another PS4 exclusive. Today we have known that the Taiwan Game Software Rating Information board has rated Ace Combat […]

[Rumor] Dragon Quest Heroes III on the way

13 December, 2016 0

Everyone knows that the Dragon Quest Heroes games have been a complete success all over the world. While the first game, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below (PS4, PS3, PC) sold […]

Myths of online gaming

14 November, 2016 0

Online gaming has become so popular and with new games coming up every now and then, it is seeking a lot of attention. With this, even the myths surrounding online gaming is being spread across […]

Need for Speed Arena trademarked in Europe

9 November, 2016 0

Two days ago EA filed a trademark for Need for Speed Arena in Europe, according to the info we can see on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website. In a May 2016 blog post, […]

How Video Games Affect Your Life?

27 October, 2016 0

Some people believe that video games are a terrible way of spending time. These people believe shooters and RPG’s cause violence and MMOs  are addictive. It is not that hard to start believing that online […]

[Rumor] GTA V Single Player DLC cancelled

26 October, 2016 1

Worrying rumors about GTA V DLC are spreading over the Internet. According to a source on GTA Forums, Rockstar has decided to replace the Single player on GTA V. This source, which previously appeared back […]

SNES Rayman prototype found by Michel Ancel

24 October, 2016 1

What a nice surprise Internet gave us yesterday. Michel Ancel, creator of the Rayman franchise, shared a pair of images showing a Super Nes Rayman prototype developed 24 years ago that was thought to be lost. […]

Classic games retooled for the digital age

11 October, 2016 0

Technology innovation moves at an increasingly fast pace. In the past few decades we have gone from vinyl, to cassette tapes, to CDs, to mp3s and other digital formats for listening to music. The same […]

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