Batman: Arkham Origins listed on PS4/Xbox One by New Zealand retailer

The New Zealand retailer Mighty Ape has listed Batman: Arkham Origins for next gen systems. The new entry in the Batman Arkham saga was oficially announced for Ps3/X360/Wii U/PC but not for Ps4/Xbox One.

This retailer posted the game on sale without a release date or price for both systems.



Thanks to TheSilentChief

  • former 360 owner

    Thanks Sony for getting rid of this stupid DRM, Xbone go home! Xbone is dead on arrival.

  • Craig

    I just hope we get some official confirmation on whether this is coming to next-gen consoles or not, before it’s actually released. Don’t want to have to buy it twice.

    • John Nunez

      Same, this is why I haven’t preorder most my games. Not sure what to expect.

  • SunnySkyNL

    I hope this is true, around that time my focus will be on the PS4. I love the Batman Arkham games and would love to play Origins but I may not when it only comes to the PS3.