Gears of War: Tactics first screens (Alpha work)

Kinect has changed the Microsoft policy. They have changed the hardcore games for Kinect games. RARE abandoned IPs like Banjo, Killer Instinct for casual games. Only Halo, Forza and Gears of War stay with us.

Epic hinted a Gears of War only for Kinect. This game is called Gears of War: Tactics (temptative title). A RTS based on GoW franchise. We would like to show you pictures of this game, those pictures are extracted from a previous footage. The graphics are poor, obviously, the video showed a game in works, probably an alpha version, maybe more primitive.

In Tactics you can take the control of four players. Draw a path with your finger until the place you want to move the character and later you choose an action (or make and action and move later, like you want). One by one or groups, you have the control.

Epic Games were developing the game for Xbox 360, but now probably they moved the project to Xbox One.

Check the screenshots below.

gowt1 (2)gowt7gowt6gowt5gowt4gowt3gowt2gowt1

  • yoyoyo

    this was the gears of war exile project that got canceled. it was kinect only. good ridence.

  • Jonatz

    rather looks like a Windows Phone/Windows 8 game to me

  • Aguhny