Horror has been a popular genre in literature and movie making for more than a hundred years. With writers like Howard Lovecraft and movies like the Nosferatu, horror captured the minds of the audiences around the world, and now it is one of the prominent genres in the video gaming industry too. From the triple-A projects like the Outlast to scary casino games, horror has a powerful grip over the industry, which is why it is a good idea to find out why people are so fascinated with this seemingly repulsive genre. 

Why Do People Love Horror Games?

Fear is a powerful and negative feeling, something we do not enjoy, something we avoid. So why do we play horror games that are designed in such a way as to scare the player? 

First of all, this genre subverts our expectations. Usually, in the games, we are in charge, we control what happens on the screen, which might get boring after a while. Horror games, in turn, take away from us. A good horror game makes you feel defenseless, it raises the stakes, almost like playing for real money. There, you have little to no control, just like when you play online casino games there’s a thousand of variables that make the outcome of the game unpredictable. 

Secondly, they pump your adrenaline up, they change your perception of things around you, they make you value your life more. When you finish the game, you know you are done with it, you don’t need to cope with the outcomes of what happened on the screen, you just keep living your life and appreciate it for not having any giant monsters invading your mind while you are asleep. 

What’s Good About Online Horror Games? 

The good thing about horror games is that they don’t actually put you in danger. Yes, they are spooky, but you know you are safe, you are not going to die, and that makes this kind of fear enjoyable. People seek similar sensations when they real pokies online, when they play a casino game for real money and know they can loose, or when they dive in a shark cage. This makes a threat more or less real, tangible, and actually scary in a real sense of that word. When you play at online casino, though, nothing is at stake and you cannot lose anything real – neither your life, like in the shark cage, not your money, like in the casino games. 

Another good thing about them is that you can play them online and share your spooks with friends. Playing horror games in a company of some friends might just be a good way to overcome that fear and beat the forces of evil together with your friends. Of course, this might also make the experience less immersive or less terrifying because now you have a bunch of buddies around. If you are too afraid to play alone or just want to have some bone-chilling fun with your friends, online horrors might just be your choice. 

Mobile Horror Games

Mobile gaming is becoming a thing real fast, and the games you’d be playing on a top console like 5 years ago are now available on mobile devices. This makes them move to this new niche too. Luckily for the developers, horror games are perfect for mobile devices — they usually are slow-paced, dark, and gloomy, which makes them less demanding to the gaming or gambling platform. Nowadays, you can find anything from classic horrors like the Silent Hill to free mobile horror themed slots for your mobile device and chill your bones sometimes. 

Are Horror Games Worth Trying?

Well, it depends on whether you have guts strong enough to handle the terror. Of course, there’s a different degree of horror and there are different people. Some can stand the craziest of jump scares while the others would wet their pants from any sudden noise in their headphones. If you are reading this article, you probably are already somewhat familiar with what the genre is and have probably had some experiences with it. If you know you are able to stand gory and scary stuff — go ahead, try it and play any horror games from a horror themed slots to the most horrendous of triple-A projects from the top developers. 

Just like in horror movies, the production value is not the main thing here — more so, some games in the genre look much worse than their counterparts in other genres in terms of graphics. This, however, does not mean the developers don’t care about their product or are just being cheap, this actually sets up the atmosphere for the game, makes you pay attention to the details of the plot and gameplay more than to graphics and visuals.

Wrap Up

Here you have it, a brief explanation as to why we love horror video and casino games and why they are worth trying. So, if you have guts to challenge the unknown, dive into the endless pit of primordial fear, face the abysmal abominations that terrorize your mind and devour your flesh, and set foot on the soil covered with blood and tears of countless victims, horror games are the right choice for you! This might become a journey to remember, so we definitely recommend that you try some of the best games in this genre as soon as possible.