Gears of War: Tactics gameplay

gow tactics

Kinect reflected the change in the way of play videogames along Move and the Nintendo’s Wiimote. Microsoft wanted to take advantage of that temporary situation transferring IPs with classical mechanics to the Kinect ecosystem. The result was underwhelming and those productions did not satisfy hardcore gamers. Maybe, Kinect was not designed to shift traditional procedures into the gesture mechanics.

Xbox 360 and Gears of War have to appear always interwoven; the Epic Games saga helped the Microsoft system to colonize millions of living rooms. Therefore, the logical step imposed to transfer Gears of War to the Kinect environment. Potentially, this powerful IP could appeal hardcore gamers to the Kinect offer, at least, it was the idea.

Gears of War: Tactics was born as a RTS game with the vibe of Gears of War. Tactics contained the oppressed aura of Gears of War in its props, the Locust and the Hammer of Dawn. The gameplay seemed to be dynamic and frenzy.

Check the first, and maybe the last, Gears of War: Tactics gameplay:

Apparently, Epic Games developed Gears of War: Tactics until the alpha stage, after that, the game was presumably canned.

  • tcnitsni


  • Crapgamer

    Looks like a fun top down arcade game.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      So “indie shit” then.

      • The PC Master Race

        Silky smooth 30FPS at 6/10 then

      • Jason Griffith

        What is indie shit? You mean like the dollar games?

    • HipHop1980

      Stop lying this looks like shit!

    • Phil Balliet

      Ha! The haters love ya Crap. Definitely interesting, can’t wait for Gears 4 that’s for sure.

    • RGB

      Doesn’t surprise me Crap thinks this is good, any turd from Xbox is. I mean Crap thought LocoCycle was a decent game… DAMN!

  • the artist

    So glad this was shot down, didn’t need a gears of war game in this capacity.

  • eternaldragonx

    Actually looks like fun

  • Give me a real Gears game and I’ll buy your stupid XBOX One.

  • andy

    Thank god they thrashed this and kept Kinect far away from anything to do with hardcore gamers especially not allowing it to damage the launch of their next console after 360 forever. Wait…………

  • Gilbert

    Obviously with the first Kinect would have been impossible to control this game…!

  • David Sifuentes

    This is like halo assualt or something for ur cell phone. Idk about you but I can REALLY imagine a fantastic GEARS OF WAR RTS similar to Halo wars… u can make boomers who would be like the Hunters on halo wars. Reavers and all the other monsters. Make elite gears character as ur hero

  • Brad

    Just another reason to believe that Microsoft has NO clue what they are doing with their own franchises. Except make very bad sequels when they run out of ideas.
    Perhaps it was the failure that was Halo Spartan Assault that ended this game before it could be released.

  • yourmom


  • Naru

    The game needs to be like Commandos 3. Moving 1 char and will be perfect.

  • xalener

    Looks like a mix between Myth and Xcom. My kind of RTS actually.
    With kinect though? Woulda been horrible.

  • Andrew Briu

    the gears of war series has gone to shit after judgment and it’s a shame i am a huge gears of war fan