Capcom is looking for redemption (in some way) with Revelations 2, at least, if we analyze the latest info published about this game. Apparently, Capcom pretends to regain some mechanics from previous Resident Evil games to implement them in Revelations 2.

Claire Redfield will be the active character, the action. Moira Burton will support Claire through healing tasks, using the flashlight and other non-warlike actions. Capcom promises that Revelations 2 will be a more paced game with lesser action than other entries in the RE saga.

Anyway, the following screens were leaked from the Push Start Play mag:

RE Rev 2 600x650 Resident Evil Revelations 2 scans leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

I like the vibe of those levels. There are disgusting props, blood and a zombie like creature. The bad point is: Claire Redfield’s design is awful and Moira reminds me to Dante from DmC. Great about the environment, poor about the character design (IMHO).

What do you think? Will be Capcom able to take the vibe of RE back?