Some rumors pointed out that Microsoft & Rare are working on a new Banjo Kazooie game for Xbox One. A new source vetted by Reddit, but not for Kotaku, shared new details about the situation of some Rare’s properties:

Microsoft is planning to reboot Banjo and Perfect Dark for 2016/2017, among other old IPs.

Insomniac was proposed to develop a reboot of Conker, but Microsoft wanted the project to be released in 2015 and insomniac had to turn down the proposition due to the short dev cycle.

Some quotes for this whistleblower:

“That mostly changed around spring of 2014. All of a sudden, I became flooded with emails and design docs for a new Conker game. Basically, MS wanted to reboot Conker, and was shopping around for developers to make the new game. MS wasn’t comfortable developing it, and Rare DEFINITELY wasn’t making it.

For a while, it really looked like Insomniac would take on the Conker reboot, they were already doing third-party stuff for MS, and they had made a hit platformer series in the past.

However, Insomiac turned MS down too. Apparently MS wanted Conker to hit store shelves by the end of 2015, and Insomiac refused because of the short dev cycle. MS wanted Conker out the door really quickly, because they wanted to reintroduce audiences to a bunch of older IPs that MS were planning on rebooting for 2016-17, like Perfect Dark and Banjo.”

If Microsoft releases a new Banjo Kazooie game with the projection of the games appeared on N64 and the quality is top, I’m totally in to One. Sorry, I’m too weak with banjo.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.