Knack Installation needs 37GB of free space on PS4 HDD.


This week we have talked about how much free space on HDD will require some next-gen games. First, Call of Duty: Ghosts Install Size on PS4 was leaked and, later, we knew the Install Size of Ryse, Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One.

Today is the turn of Knack, an upcoming action platform video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Japan Studio in cooperation with game director Mark Cerny.

According to the Twitter user Josh Lachape, Knack will need at least 37GB of space for installation on the PlayStation 4. Lachape has got access to a retail copy of the game and he has shared this info after being asked to look at back of Knack’s box for install size.

knack case 600x716 Knack Installation needs 37GB of free space on PS4 HDD. | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks, NeoGaf.

  • So can anyone give a rundown on how this works on the PS4? I understand that this isn’t the same as PS3 installs, but is more of a caching thing – but how does it work? Is it completely transparent to the user, just throw the game in the drive and away you go or do you have to wait for the cache to build up somewhat? Is the whole disk cached or just some of it? What happens if I restart my PS4, does the game have to get cached again or is it intelligent enough to not bother (and thus will the disk ever spin down?). What if I move from one game to another, does the first’s cache get wiped immediately or will the system only wipe it if it needs the space?

    • Steve

      The games are fully installed, not cached.

      • Well let’s not try to argue semantics here. I understand that the full game data goes on the hard drive but I also believe you’ll never see any kind of install screen either. But does the PS4 clean up that data at any point or will you have to manually delete it when your hard drive fills up?