Leak: Destiny will require 40GB of HDD space on Xbox One

Destiny requires 40 GB of HDD space on Xbox One. A user who has received an early copy of Destiny for Xbox One has posted some pictures showing that, unexpectedly, the FPS developed by Bungie will require way more HDD space than the digital version.



The Xbox One pre-load version is less than 19GB, while the retail version requires, as we have said, 40 GB of HDD space. That’s weird since Xbox One disc sizes are, normally, identical to their digital download equivalents. Is this hinting a day-one patch for pre-loaded versions of Destiny on Xbox One?



Via | MP1st

  • Billy

    I can’t believe these news sites run this false shit. It says the same thing on the back of Battlefield, Ryse, Forza, and Dead Rising. All of which are well under that file size. Dead Rising’s box says 35GB, but the installed size is 26GB.

  • DeadFax

    Gotta love fake cover runs!

  • bickle2

    It may also be 19Gb compressed, but the final size is still 40.